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Net Neutrality Expected To Die On December 21st

FCC commission meeting will vote to give away the store to big telecom on December 21. The FCC grinch will bury internet freedom. Leaving us with nothing but memories of a free internet.

Why? First of all there’s plenty of opposition to net neutrality; Let me list what the net neutrality opponents say:

1. net neutrality = job losses
2. net neutrality = keeping minorities off the internet
3. net neutrality is radical politics by left wing ideological zealots.

Haven’t we heard this job losses thing before? Isn’t that why we have to give bank bailouts? The job losses?

Corporate profits depend on the FCC giveaway staying covert. After net neutrality is neutered with the corporate giveaway, telecom corporations will become enriched with consumer entertainment dollars.

First of all, The FCC rules are a threat to internet porn. Let me explain with analogy from my childhood.

I was 9 years old living in married student housing at ETSU. Anyhow I was racing bikes with my friend, JJ. I loved it, because I had a Schwinn dirt bike with long pedals. He had a Huffy. Hell I always won, and I never minded a race. Never.

Net Neutrality affects YOU.
The FCC rules will cover high definition porn. Will your favorite porn site get the bandwidth to connect with high definition porn? Not if your local internet provider has partnered with a different porn site instead.

I encourage you to tell your family and friends, in no uncertain language that you oppose the corporate version of “net neutrality”. Explain how important it is that you have equal access to EVERY PORN SITE on the internet.

This regulation is not important because of the media we will SEE, rather loss of authentic net neutrality means that corporate profits are the gatekeeper that keeps media from reaching your eyeballs. Do you ever wonder if television could be any more unwatchable? It will be more awful If you let a few corporations choose the channels that reach your home.

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