DC Democrats: Dumb, Gullible and Cowardly Group Of Politicians Or The Most Dumb, Gullible and Cowardly Group Of Politicians Ever?

If it wasn’t so serious nobody would believe this is happening.

Even the most jaundiced observer has to be left speechless this evening as Harry Reid is forced to withdraw the $1.3 Trillion Ominbus Spending Bill after the Republicans (including the reprehensible liar McConnel of Kentucky) reward their Democratic colleagues cave in on the tax cuts for the rich earlier in the week by withholding their support for the spending bill.  On top of that, the Democratic lemmings in the US House are set to approve the reckless Republican tax cut bill despite what the Republicans are doing in the Senate.  Have they no shame?  No self respect at all?

Has there ever been a group of politicians in this country or any other as weak, gullible and stupid as these DC Dems led by the 70’s Republican from Illinois and Reagan admirer Mr. Obama?  Just as a matter of simple self respect one would think these DC Democrats would at least stand up and kill the tax cut bill in retaliation for killing the spending bill but they won’t.  Instead, they will fold over and over and over again between now and adjournment.  And it probably will be impossible to keep up with the number of times this very same scenario plays out in the next two years despite Democrats controlling the Senate and (allegedly) the White House.

How could anyone defend or excuse this disgraceful, corrupt and incompetent conduct on the part of the President and the Democratic congressional leadership?  How?  It’s embarassing to see our nation ruined because the Democrats just couldn’t muster the strength even one time to do what is right and stem the disasterous consequences of the know nothing, racist, irresponsible, and unpatriotic Republican Party policies.

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