Pictured: Richard Stengel (by david_shankbone)

This is what a dinosaur sounds like when it’s dying.

I think Assange will be a footnote five years from now,” [Time Managing Editor Richard] Stengel said.

Stengel also pointed out that “there is no Julian Assange without Bradley Manning,” referring to the army private believed to be the leaker of hundreds of thousands of classified documents. (Manning has not been charged with a crime, but remains in solitary confinement far from the media’s gaze). The Time editor added that “Assange might not even be on anybody’s radar six months from now.”


Notes Greenwald,

In TIME’s Person of the year poll, Assange received 382,000 votes – Mark Zuckerberg received 18,000 – only 20 times less!

It’s pretty clear that under its current leadership, TIME will be a footnote five years from now.

Blue Texan

Blue Texan