Meanwhile, the Teabaggers are not happy.

Republicans are under pressure from the Tea Party movement and some other conservatives to reject the compromise tax bill, potentially complicating its passage and highlighting how the Republican Party is likely to face a persistent rightward push when it takes control of the House next month.

A group called the Tea Party Patriots circulated a petition this week calling the compromise a bad back-room deal with President Obama that violates the principles that Tea Party candidates campaigned on, like reducing the deficit, in the midterm elections.

Sarah Palin has criticized the deal, and former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts said in an op-ed article in USA Today on Tuesday that he opposed it. Commentators like Rush Limbaugh and conservative bloggers are also weighing in on the deal, and proclaiming it wanting.

They would prefer a bill that cuts taxes for the top 2%, exempts the Estate Tax at $5 million, and gives the working poor jack shit.

Blue Texan

Blue Texan