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Obama: Tool of the Oligarchs

If you’re a Democrat, and you still support Barack Obama, you need to get your head examined.

He is going to buckle before the Republicans again, and throw another of his promises out the window: He’ll extend the tax cuts for the rich for two more years, and then he’ll fight, during a reelection campaign to have them finally repealed. Yeah, right.

It’s a plan worthy of Herbert Hoover.

The tax cuts that Bush passed ten years ago by using a 51 vote majority in the Senate were to expire after ten years. These were unfunded tax cuts, a pure and simple give away to Bush’s rich backers and allies to pay them back. All the tax cuts are a bad idea, even the ones for the middle class and poor, but the cuts for the rich are morally beyond the pale, simply outrageous.

Obama pledged to let them die, and now, as in so many other cases where he has betrayed his own stated principles and promises, he is going to extend them by two years. He just can’t stand up to the Republicans, even though he has majorities in both houses of Congress and the idea of extending the tax cuts is clearly wrong. He just can’t do it. Maybe John Boehner will talk mean to him. Or maybe his buddies Mitch and Eric will diss him.

The real story is that Obama is bought and sold. His bosses on Wall Street tell him what to do, and he does their bidding. Otherwise how can you explain Obama’s behavior? Even the idea that Obama is just a coward and won’t say no to Republicans out of chicken-heartedness won’t really wash. He’s brave enough when he wants to kick ass against his own supporters. He’ll kick progressives in the ass all day long if his true owners tell him to.

Obama is bought and sold. He’s a commodity. He’s a man with no principles, who will lie and betray for the highest bidder.

Obama’s record for the last two years is one of continual folding before the Republicans, the most whipped and bedraggled bunch of washed-up losers seen in politics since the days when FDR last crushed them during the great Republican depression of the 30s. And when Obama folds and gives away his advantage, he always has a beautiful justification and rationalization for why he does it. Barack single-handedly resurrected the Republicans. He has been their greatest supporter.

Bush walks free, as does Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell, Addington, Yoo, González: no prosecutions, we “must look forward.” Gitmo prison is open for business. American citizens’ civil rights are more in peril than ever before. Obama even says he has the power to assassinate American citizens abroad, wherever they may be if Obama decides to do it. The banks are more powerful than ever, after Obama “regulated” them. Just like he “regulated” the health insurance companies. In both cases, he gave advantages away to them with both hands and did nothing to erradicate the root problems with these institutions.

Krugman daily tears his hair out over the insanity of Obama’s financial actions and policies. The only way to explain what Obama does is to understand that he is bought and controlled by the big financial interests. Stop trying, Paul.

I believe this is the end of America as a democracy. It is now controlled by an oligarchy, big money men who pull the strings here just like it is done in Putin’s Russia. American citizens have to stand up now, or never. I think they won’t do it. They ignorantly vote against their own interests, in the case of those who vote Republican, or they stupidly fall for honied words and lies from politicians like Obama if they are Democrats. It’s good cop, bad cop, nowhere to turn, the citizen is screwed and the country will become a banana republic.

I hope Bernie Sanders, Sherrod Brown, Al Franken, Russ Feingold and a few others will stop Obama’s latest insane give-away to the Republicans and the rich. I hope they can stop the President. They, and the Progressive Caucus in the House, are the last hope the public has.

Obama is a liar and a traitor to those that elected him. If you ever supported him, stop doing it!  Start thinking about who you want to oppose Obama in the primaries coming up soon.  Obama has got to go.

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