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Mandatory Health Insurance?

Do you support mandatory health insurance? I do but not from private insurers.

Mandatory health insurance is a key component of the Democrats’ health insurance reform bill. Without it, other provisions in the bill would not be paid for. Today, in a lawsuit brought by Virginia’s Attorney General against the bill, a judge, who had been appointed by George W. Bush, ruled the mandatory coverage provision unconstitutional. The case is almost certainly heading to the Supreme Court.

Today’s court ruling serves Obama and the Democrats right!

They tried to tap dance around fighting for Medicare for All and ended up trying to force people to buy insurance from private health insurance companies. Mandatory “customerhood” is not consistent with a citizen’s rights and obligation­s in a free society. Mandatory coverage is fine; mandatory coverage from private companies is not. Because we, as a society, make at least some effort to provide some treatment, often inadequate, to those with no coverage, we should have a right to require insurance from all who can afford it. That insurance, however, should be a societal obligation like other taxes and not an obligation to be a customer of a private company. The Democrats’ watered-do­wn, compromise­d health insurance bill is a disaster because it does nothing to control costs by eliminatin­g health insurance company profits.

Insurance is a system of “pooled risk” and as such it is a perfect function for government to perform. Absent the profit motive, it takes a “we’re all in this together” approach to health care. We need to nationaliz­e the health insurance industry so that, we, the people, are no longer burdened with the cost of health insurance company profits and neither are employers who provide health coverage. Doing this would allow all Americans to have coverage; it would leave us with more money in our pockets to “stimulate the economy”; and it would make employers more competitive with their foreign counterparts.

If health insurance companies are to remain in business, we should change their role from one of profiting from taking risks to simple bookkeepin­g and customer service.

Some will see today’s court ruling as a win for the right-wing and a rejection of progressiv­ism. Rethink that!

The problem isn’t with the court; it’s with the Democratic Party’s cowardice. Centrist Democrats like to say that they won’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. The problem is, their health care bill isn’t good. In fact, it stinks.

Medicare for All is the system we need; giveaways to the health insurance industry is not.

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