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All Is Not Silent in the Halls of the Dead

The scenes of fire and fury in the heart of London, the riots in Athens, the protests in Ireland and France and Italy are only a preview of what’s coming next. I’m not advocating revolution, but a revolution is coming. It won’t be requesting permission from high and mighty pundits or media scribblers or presidents or prime ministers or anyone else to come pounding on their doors with a message from Reality, with a message from History, with a message from the abused, betrayed and forgotten citizens of the ravaged democracies of the West.

Revolution languishes no longer in the Halls of the Dead, it lingers no more in the Rooms of Ruin, it will not heed the finger-wagging lectures of puppet leaders with lies on their teleprompters and blood on their hands. It’s coming. It knows the way, it doesn’t need directions, it’s been here before, it fought with Cromwell, it crossed Concord Bridge, it bled at the Bastille, it stormed the Winter Palace of the Tsars, it remembers why it bled, it remembers who to fight, it knows who the thieves are, it knows who the enablers are, it knows who the propaganda peddlers are, it knows where they live, it knows where we all live, and it’s coming.

The same conditions that triggered revolutions in the past and toppled corrupt governments are evident all across Europe–in Greece, in France, in Italy, in Portugal and Spain and Ireland and Britain, they’re evident here in this land of bankers and blackmail, where citizens have become hostages, where day has become night, where ignorance has become strength, where the propaganda never stops blaring from the loudspeakers of NewsCorp, GE, and Disney/ABC.

The corrupt systems of oppression that ignited revolutions in the past are different from the corrupt system that oppresses us, but the consequences are the same. The faces of the political and economic elites are different, but their abusive agenda is the same. The names of the oppressed are different, but their contempt for the government and intensifying anger are the same. The outrages never end, the lies never stop, the corruption keeps spreading, the bread lines keep getting longer, but all we hear on the airwaves of the oligarchs is “let them eat cake.”

I’m not advocating revolution any more than a Richter Scale advocates earthquakes, but it doesn’t matter whether I advocate it or not, revolutions don’t need advocates, they become inevitable when government abuses of power become pervasive, when corruption becomes entrenched in the system, when leaders betray the people time and time again, when conditions simply cannot be tolerated any longer.

I don’t know if revolution is a year away, or five years away, or ten years away, or twenty years away, but it’s coming. I don’t know where it will start, but it’s coming. I don’t know whether it will be bloodless or bloody, but it’s coming. I don’t know if it will make things better or worse, but it’s coming. It’s coming because the fascist Right is on the march and all the elected leaders of the Left do is shine their boots for them.

If you aren’t ready for what’s coming, get ready, because it’s coming whether you want it to or not, its coming and there will be no stopping it. Charles I was a fool, Louis XVI was a cretin, George III was deranged, Nicholas II was a tree stump with a crown on it, but they were founts of wisdom and pillars of integrity compared to the current “leaders” of Europe and America. Berlusconi. Sarkozy. Cameron. Obama. Walking, talking, carnival-barking conmen for the Corporate Crime Traveling Circus, that’s all they are.

When the inevitable happens, it will blow corrupt governments away, it will blow the profiteers away, it will blow the bankers away, it will blow the corporate criminals away, it will blow the false values of the past away, it will shake the West to its foundations, it will shatter its hierarchies of power, it will be the death of corporate capitalism and the painful birth of a new age.

That’s the message I see written on the walls of Reality.

That’s the message I’m passing along.

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