BP Oil Disaster, FDLoil3Take a look at these three stories. Notice anything odd?

Administrator of BP Fund Offers Bonuses to Spill Victims Who Bypass Suits:

Kenneth Feinberg, who administers the $20 billion fund formed by BP to compensate people for losses from the gulf oil spill, is offering what amounts to a signing bonus to entice more victims to give up their right to sue BP or other companies involved in the disaster.

BP Oil-Spill Claims Get Fast Track:

People who say they have been harmed by BP PLC’s Gulf Coast oil spill will have more options for faster payment of claims under a plan to be announced Monday by attorney Kenneth Feinberg.

Mr. Feinberg, who is administering the $20 billion fund set aside by BP to pay claims to those hurt financially or otherwise by the spill, said claimants in some instances could receive a final payment in as soon as two weeks.

A storm brews in Alabama over BP’s promise:

The ordinary life of this tidy beach community of 5,000 all but came to an end in the first week of June when globs of oil arrived on its otherwise sparkling white beaches. Word went out, TV crews rolled in and tourists canceled reservations.

[ ]

Six months later, many here are still waiting. Promised compensation for the income that disappeared along with the tourists, a number of business owners complain they have received partial payments, no payments and almost nothing by way of communication. Of the four affected states, Alabama seems to top the list in anger and invective, with its top elected officials taking turns lashing out at Kenneth Feinberg, who was tapped to oversee the $20 billion compensation fund established by BP.

The news outlets for two of the biggest national papers are positively glowing in their description of BP’s handling of the claims process. The news outlet from a Gulf State has quite a different report.

Which would you be inclined to believe? And what’s on your mind besides the lingering problems of BP’s oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico?



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