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Former President George W. Bush Backs Middle Class Tax Cut Framework

Former President George W. Bush today expressed support for President Obama’s compromise agreement with Congressional leaders that will result in the extension of middle-class tax relief and unemployment benefits to Americans who have lost their jobs during this deep economic recession. This deal was needed to help those in our community who are in need and to stimulate our economy. Without this bargain, income taxes on the middle class would rise, unemployment insurance for millions of Americans would expire, and other important tax relief measures for working people would be unavailable.

President Bush said, “I would like to commend President Obama for his decision to build a bipartisan compromise on tax relief on behalf of my base, the Elites. He could have taken another route and stood up for working men and women and initiated an inspiring and principled debate. Instead, he took the cowardly and cynical path that protects the tax cuts that the uber-Rich and oligarchs in America glibly demand, extends unemployment benefits to those we usually exploit and who I guess were hardest hit by the recession, and at the same time take ensures further exploding the deficit, which I set in motion a decade ago and of course will not have to answer for. His actions showed rank cynicism and opportunism. The American people elected him to rise above politics, but in extending my legacy to loot this country’s working class, I commend him for what he has done.”

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