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I’m Disappointed, Angry, and Writing

Let me make my position clear. I voted for Obama. I had been a Hillary supporter, but only because I felt her experience as First Lady was of some value, and she was so well known that it would be difficult to throw anything at her that wouldn’t bee seen as ancient history or fiction.

That said, when I voted for Obama, I thought I was voting for a man who shared my principles and would fight for those principles. I do not hold him responsible for the condition of the economy, and I believe it was not the economy that created the “enthusiasm gap”.  The things that were important to me, and he caved on, included closing Gitmo, trying the detainees (in civilian courts), and putting single payer health care on the table.

I acknowledge that single payer would not have become law, but I do believe it should have been discussed at least to the point where the case could be made that our employer based system is a major obstacle to creating jobs in this country. From my perspective, Gitmo wasn’t closed, and the trials weren’t done, simply because our president gave into the republican spin that we couldn’t do either safely.

The tax cut “compromise” is the last straw, as far as I’m concerned. I am writing daily to the president and my reps in hopes this will not stand. I’ve also written what may be a more productive letter to the DNC asking that, if this does stand, to take me off their mail/phone lists and not bother calling me for any future support. Maybe that will get Obama’s attention.

As I’ve said to my reps and the prez, we don’t vote for the person so much as we vote for the principles and beliefs that person claims to hold. This president doesn’t seem to hold any principle high enough to fight for, and that is sad. He could have held tax cut extensions for the wealthy hostage, insuring DADT, START, DREAM ACT, HELP FOR THE 9/11 RESPONDERS, ETC. get settled first.

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