While driving home this evening listening to the radio, I almost physically got ill then nearly pulled my steering wheel off. I was so disgusted at Obama and Clinton, it nearly made me wreck.

First, Obama’s NPR interview, Obama didn’t answer any question directly. He just repeated the same line over and over. Obama said, “I’m confident…” & “we all must act reasonable…” Where were the NPR interviews before he capitulated to the Republicans? Where was his expectation of reasonable behavior before he cut his idiotic corrupt tax cut deal?

Then there was Bill Clinton on the radio saying, “this is a good deal…” I almost fucking vomited. Where was Bill Clinton before Obama cut his deal? Good deal? Like NAFTA? Like Chinese Most Favored Nation Status? Like repealing the Glass-Steagall Act? Like getting a Blow Job from a fat intern?

But what really pissed me off was the constant pressure Obama and Clinton are putting on Democrats while the Republicans are laughing their ass off. The Republicans have Obama and Clinton working the Washington strip like “nasty crack whores” blaming Democrats for holding hostage unemployment insurance and middle class tax cuts. What in the world happened? Democrats are the blame for Little Johnny not getting a toy for Christmas. How did Obama let Mitch “bin Laden” McConnell maneuver him into doing Republican dirty work?

Next Obama said, “tax cuts for the rich were the Republicans’ Holy Grail…” That may be true, but so fucking what? What is the Democrats’ Holy Grail? What is Obama’s Holy Grail? I wish Obama could hear the shit he is saying. FYI, ASS WIPE, ending the Bush tax cuts for rich is the Democratic Holy Grail. If Obama was a FUCKING Democrat, he would already know.

Lets recap, Obama enlisted Clinton to campaign against Democrats to pass a Republican tax cut for ultra rich. Clinton and Obama used unemployment insurance to pressure Democrats to pass Obama’s capitulation. Obama goes on NPR to pressure Democrats to pass his deal. No one mentions Republicans other than their “Holy Grail”. No one pressures Republicans.

Can anyone believe this shit? If I had said 6 months ago, Obama and Clinton would be pressuring Congressional Democrats to cut taxes for billionaires and raise taxes on the working poor so they could save unemployment insurance. Would you have fucking believed it?

By the way, does anyone know where I can find a good 2007 Ford F-150 steering wheel?

Bin Quick

Bin Quick

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