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Democrats Signal Intent To Carry Out Haitian Genocide — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

MSNBC reported Friday night that Democrats don’t want to “tip their hand” on whether they’ll end the Filibuster Scam on January 5, 2011, in the new 112th Congress. By not clearly committing to doing away with the Filibuster Rule, the Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats have endorsed Genocide in Haiti. This Genocide via Cholera that Democrats are employing is no less than Biological Warfare against a defenseless, destitute, desperate people.

“‘Tip their
hand'”?! Do they think they’re playing a card game?! They’ve already unnecessarily killed 2,000 Haitians with Cholera since October, and another 100,000 are in queue at Death’s door. Cholera spreads quickly. Millions have died in previous outbreaks. If left untreated, it is excruciating and deadly, but in normal conditions it’s easily curable. If the One Billion Dollars in Earthquake Relief President Obama promised Haiti a year ago  had arrived – if the US had paid the money he promised – then the people of Haiti would be back at home supporting themselves by now, instead of living in rape-rampant disease-ridden Cholera-centration Camps. The US promised a Billion Dollars, and failed to deliver one penny. (That’s only One Billion, not Nine Hundred Billion like the President and Congress just gave their friends in the Tax Steal.)

The Democrats claimed they couldn’t deliver the promised One Billion Dollars in aid to Haiti because the Republicans Filibustered it. Last night, Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn) confirmed to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that Filibusters are not Constitutional, but rather, they fly or fall at the pleasure of the Vice President, who is also the President of the Senate. Yes, Vice President Joe Biden has the power to end this egregious outrage. When Republicans announced the Filibuster, Biden could have said “No way, not in a crisis!”

But he didn’t say that. He let the Cholera epidemic incubate. The UN imported Cholera to Haiti when it brought Nepalese soldiers from the Ganges Delta. Wikipedia says Cholera has been “prevalent in the Ganges Delta since ancient times;” and that history’s first known Cholera pandemic started there. The US and UN are responsible for this Biological Incursion. It has spread to the Dominican Republic, and reached Florida. We must end it.

If you watched Democracy Now! after the Haitian Earthquake nearly a year ago, you learned that Cuba immediately sent doctors – reputed to be the world’s finest  – to treat Earthquake victims. Not to be outdone, the US sent in troops, at least 14,000. With US troops occupying the port and airport, Cuba couldn’t get more doctors in to help the victims, who were begging for doctors, not armed battalions. Many aid shipments turned back because the Military didn’t have time or room for them. Delays and refusals caused thousands of deaths, and germs kept festering. Most importantly, the US Military occupation of Haiti prevented the return of rightfully elected Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide, who’d received 92% of the vote.

Aristide had been a Liberation Theology priest and a champion of Haiti’s poor before he was elected President in 1990 with two-thirds of the vote. But the US had long considered Haiti its puppet, and the CIA didn’t like this Liberationist. A CIA coup overthrew Aristide in 1991, under the first President Bush. In 1994, President Clinton sent the US Navy to invade Haiti and reinstall Aristide. This situation took the American people by surprise. TV networks quickly assembled White Haitian citizens to decry Clinton’s actions, but they couldn’t find any Black Haitians who thought it was a bad idea. (Haiti is 90% Black.)

The Navy defeated the CIA in about one day, and Aristide returned from exile. He eventually won reelection with 92% of the vote, but Clinton had sold him out through major concessions to CIA negotiators. In the worst of these concessions, Clinton agreed that Aristide would leave office after four years and not run for reelectiion, regardless of what the people of Haiti wanted. Aristide didn’t leave on his own steam, being the rightful President and all, but a second CIA coup removed him again under the second President Bush, and forced him into exile in Africa.

News says some Democrats want to end the Filibuster Scam. Some isn’t good enough. Genocide is a Crime Against Humanity. We all know that the Tortures, the Kidnappings, and the War Crimes condoned by the Obama Administration are horrendous, but Genocide is much worse. Our Government has no right nor permission to destroy Haitian citizens with such misery and cruelty. Even if it’s stopped before the numbers reach quantities officially calling it a “Genocide,” Biological Warfare itself is a Crime Against Humanity. Operation Infect-Them-And-Let-Them-Die Must Be Stopped!

Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, the whole Democratic Congressional Caucus, and the President: They all must cooperate in this Operation in order to kill thousands or millions of Haitians, and it looks like that’s what they’re doing. House Democrats approved the measure to send the aid to Haiti long ago, knowing the Republicans would hold it up with Filibuster in the Senate. But in a few days, that excuse goes away. There will be no Filibuster in the 112th  Senate, unless the Democratic Senators themselves reinstate it on January 5, 2011. Ergo, the newly sworn-in Senators can pass that aid and end the Genocide immediately.

In fact, the House Democrats with their current strong majority can pass all the Progressive reforms they said they wanted; and then Senate Majority Leader Reid can table all those bills until the new Senate is sworn in. Though they’ll have fewer Senators in 2011 than in 2010, Senate Democrats will have much more power, because with the Filibuster Scam gone, majority rules once again! Oh, but as the Democrats have moved so far to the Right, they now get political contributions that used to go to Republicans, and with so much money involved, they really don’t want to do anything honest anymore. They could repeal Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell. They could fund the Government. They could pay the medical expenses of the 9/11 emergency responders. They could even rewrite the Bribery/Tax Bill they just passed into something fair and honest. But it looks like they’re not going to do that. They may just reinstall the Filibuster Rule, and let the Haitians die in misery.

One reason Democrats are willing to commit Genocide against the Haitians is that stopping the Genocide by dropping the Filibuster Rule shows how dishonest President Obama was when he claimed he needed to make this “compromise” giving Billions to Billionaires, while raising the taxes of most Black Americans and most poor people. My Senator, John Kerry (D-Mass), joined in the lie, voted for the theft. Kerry even disgracefully voted to shut up Socialist hero Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) when he gave his real Filibuster, trying to block the Tax Bill with an actual speech, instead of just saying “I block.”

Given his record, Senator Kerry will likely agree to proceed with the Genocide. Barack Obama has been using this Filibuster Scam his entire Presidency to block good would-be laws, and to enact disgusting Right-wing travesties, like when he sold us out to the Insurance Companies and the Drug Companies on healthcare. Filibuster is an unjust fraud and an insult to our intelligence. Somebody’s got to call Obama on it.

(Before I go further I feel I must explain my dismal assessment of Senator Kerry’s morals: Three years ago on Constitution Day at the University of Florida in Gainesville, a Journalism student asked Kerry some embarrassing questions, including one about Kerry’s membership as a lodge brother of both President Bushes in the Skull & Bones secret fraternal organization. A cop decided to force the student to stop talking by torturing him with an electrical cattle-prod device. Seeing that he was about to be tortured, the student cried out to his attacker “Don’t Tase me, bro!” At that point, Senator Kerry could have prevented the kid’s torture. But he didn’t. He let that cowardly cop – that poor excuse for a human being – just let him torture a student reporter in revenge for doing his job.)

The US considers Haiti its puppet, and manipulates elections there. Haiti’s Government disallowed President Aristide’s party from running in the recent rigged election, and, of course, refused Aristide entry into his own country. That election rigging could not happen without US approval. But Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Monday echoed Vermont Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy’s warning of last week that the US can cut off aid to Haiti using the rigged election as an excuse. What a terrifyingly morbid threat. But if the US truly wants an unrigged election, it will stop blocking the return of rightfully elected President Jean Bertrand Aristide.

Let’s review: After Princeton Professor Cornel West called President Obama’s policies racist last month, the President raised taxes against Black, Brown, and Red people to give Billions to White Billionaires. One White Billionaire family beneficiary of the President’s quid-pro-quo kindness were the Waltons. The owners of Walmart gave $42,000 to both President Obama’s election campaign and to John McCain’s, slightly more to Obama’s. The Waltons were among the largest donors to Democrats, yet gave four times as much to Republicans. For their $42,000 investment in Obama, the Waltons received a $42 Billion Dollar tax break: On their investment in our President, the Waltons collected 100 Billion per cent interest!.

Amy Goodman noted on Democracy Now! that Fox, ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS, and MSNBC never mentioned the Cancun Climate Conference in Mexico at all last week. And it’s no wonder they covered it up: Obstruction by the US ruined Cancun like it ruined Copenhagen a year ago, and our victims are angry. I only saw a small bit of Cancun, just what Amy showed. But I did see three different Presidents,  Evo Morales of Bolivia, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, and Marcus Stephen of the world’s smallest island nation, Nauru, all rebuking President Obama for the Genocide to which his Copenhagen policies have sentenced the island nations and Black Africa.

More Genocide, Obama? More games too! Instead of cooperating with the rest of the world at Copenhagen and Cancun, Obama’s US team came in fighting to weaken and discard any meaningful agreement, like a superstitious buffoon, like a corporate stooge, doing all he could for Chemical companies and Oil companies. He and his buddies are playing Monopoly while the house is burning down, and they’re having such a good time that they’re not even willing to put out the fire. The people who will die as a result call it Genocide.

But this Haitian Genocide is happening now too. Crooked politicians we voted for are carrying out this Crime Against Humanity. That makes us responsible for stopping it. And we need to stop it now, before it’s too late. We, the American people, are Guilty of Genocide against the Haitian people if we let it proceed. And then, if Biden, Obama, Clinton, Reid, Pelosi, and Leahy do follow through on their threat, how will we deliver be able to deliver them, our most powerful politicians, to the Hague, to be tried for Genocide? We need to work on that answer immediately if not sooner, because it really looks like the Democrats intend to proceed right away with their agenda of letting the Haitians die horrible Cholera deaths. We can’t just let the Democrats do this, and we can’t let the Free Press cover it up.

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