I tweeted that I would vote for anyone, including Sarah Palin, for President before Barack Obama in 2012. The responses ranged from crazy to obvious insults to GOP troll pretending to be a Democrat. I expected as much. As a lifelong unapologetic Liberal Democrat, I’m very secure with my politics and philosophy, and I don’t really give a crap. Sure I lost a few followers but there are always more. I wouldn’t be surprised if this blog didn’t receive similar responses. FYI, Palin doesn’t mean Sarah Palin literally, but she is included, it means any Republican, Libertarian, Democrat, breathing human, or candidate. Palin just expresses the level of disgust I have with Obama, and she enrages Obama-Democrats.

I thought I would provide some context, but I doubt it really matters. Like GWB, Palin is evil beyond all others, and just the mention of her name creates a emotional response in Democrats. As long as Democrats react emotionally, we will accept anything other than Palin, Bush, or Reagan. We elect DLC Democrats that undermine our values, and we elect inexperienced black Democrats that have no core values. Democrats are so desperate for victory that we think we are winning with Blue Dog Democrats. We think we are winning with DLC Democrats, and we think we are winning with Barack Obama.

My reasons are simple, I trust the opponent (Republican, Tea Bag, Nazi) in front of me with whom  I totally disagree more than the supporter (“Liberal”, “Progressive”, or “Democrat”) behind me with a knife out ready to stab me in the back for his or her political career. I can fight Palin, Romney, or Huckabee. I know Palin is the dumbest woman on the planet but I also know the “Democrats” will oppose her reflexively. I know my team, the Democrats, will fight her to the bitter end. With Barack Obama, Democrats will compromise everything they ever stood for to support his capitulations. Example, Could you imagine Sen. Joe Biden supporting a tax cut for the rich that raises taxes of the working poor? Yet, Vice President Biden slithered up to the Capital this week with deal in hand, and “every” Democratic senator is ready to roll over for Obama’s weak pitiful tax compromise. Case closed.

I’d rather elect a Mitt Romney and let him disappoint Republicans by compromising his principles and pass Health Care Reform like he did in Massachusetts. They got more from Mitt than we got from Obama. And I know it’s Massachusetts. Mitt, like all sleazy politicians, will compromise any principle to get elected, and he will sell-out any supporter to get re-elected. That’s Liberals best chance at real Progressive policy, not Obama selling-out Social Security and Medicare in an useless attempt to move to the principle-less Center. We have gotten Obama’s best, and it wasn’t nearly good enough. All Obama has left is investigations, compromises, disappointments, and capitulations. Progressives’ best option is to nominate any other Democrat and start fresh.

I know this was a waste of time. The title “Democrats for Palin” lost most before they read the first line. Don’t worry, that’s exactly what Obama is depending on while he sells-out the Democratic Party for re-election. Until Democrats support and elect a Progressive willing to lose for his beliefs, we will keep electing these smooth talking worthless fakes that believe in nothing or worse – Bipartisanship and Compromise.

Bin Quick

Bin Quick