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The Worst Thing, or the Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back?

A while back I was discussing a primary challenge to Obama and I thought it was a preposterous idea. Certainly even Progressives who were disappointed with his results wouldn’t doom us to a Republican President with what is likely to be a Republican Congress. A serious challenger to a sitting President is pretty much a guaranteed loss in the general election. But like many of you now, I’m not sure I can tell the difference between Obama and a Republican.

Gay Krob (Yes that’s his name, he claims), was trying to explain to me how the tax cut wasn’t that bad. And honestly, I’m not a class warrior, and I agree it’s not the worst thing Obama’s done. I can think of some easy ones like extending the Patriot act and claiming the right to assassinate US citizens and perpetuating the value of the war on drugs. But at some point I have to look at the tally sheet and try to find out where he came down on my side of ANY issue.

Ultimately I think that things are going to be awful for some time to come and I’d sort of like to see the American public reminded of how awful the Republicans are. Just because they say they’re different now doesn’t mean anything, they obviously aren’t and maybe the public could use a refresher course. Maybe I’m being too hard on Obama, but right now I feel betrayed.

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Ashlee Lucca

Ashlee Lucca