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The Other War Without End

The war should have been over by now, save for the occasional skirmish.  All the money and talent and resources should have been freed up for more productive uses, but the “peace dividend” never materialized.  21 months after Bush departed, we progressives are still at war with the White House – if anything, we’re in the middle of a surge.

It’s not that we want to be; I know I would be perfectly happy to stick to ridiculing stupid Republicans and media wankers, maybe post the occasional Muppet video, but it didn’t work out that way.  We didn’t change our values just because a Democratic president moved into the White House, and unfortunately the executive branch didn’t either.  Conflict was inevitable.

Progressives still believe in transparency, due process, rule of law, environmental protection, DADT repeal, marriage equality, choice, immigration reform, unions, Social Security, affordable universal health care, and the overarching principle of standing up for ordinary people against the rich and powerful.  The White House… still doesn’t.  Through a combination of compromise, incompetence, inaction, and deliberate embrace, Obama has ended up on the Republican side of every single one of these issues – and attacks and ridicules us for refusing to follow him there.

And our ranks are growing, as more and more Obama supporters realize that he is indifferent or opposed to everything they gave their money and time and votes for.  Obama betrays those who supported him, and supports those who will betray him – not exactly a model for electoral success.

But regardless of whether Obama miraculously pulls out a victory or gets eaten alive by whatever insane zombie the Republicans shamble out in 2012, we will still be at war with the White House.  And as long as the rich and powerful continue to operate the country for their own narrow benefit, we’ll keep fighting… until we win.  And then we’ll fight some more.

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