By agreeing to extend the Bush tax cuts for 2 years and unemployment insurance for 13 months, Obama is creating another hostage crisis. In 13 months, Obama will have to ask a Right Wing Republican House of Representatives and Mitch “bin Laden” McConnell to extend unemployment insurance again. Then, the Republicans get to replay this whole sorry economic terrorist hostage crisis with a stronger hand. What will they demand? Tax cuts only for “RED” states, military bases for “RED” districts, or Obama’s head head on a platter, is it possible to underestimated Republican depravity (unemployment insurance for tax cuts for the rich)?

Obama choice will be the same, the American people and the economy or Republican demands. Lets say Obama stands tough and “fights” (not cave-in before negotiations, not telegraph bottom line, have a bottom line, OK, I give! Obama and “fight” is an oxymoron, it’s a fucking blog, stay with me damn it. Stretch your imagination.) If Obama fights and wins, then why didn’t he “fight” this time. If Obama can win in a year, he can win now. Same choice, same hostages, same terrorist, but a stronger position with Democratic House.


Lets say Obama has to “compromise”(cave, surrender, capitulate) again next year. By negotiating this bad deal, it’s just delivering more hostages to the Terrorist and encouraging them to repeat the same behavior. What did Obama actually get or give? Did Obama just negotiate the first money drop? The first money drop in small bills stuffed in a brown paper bag is $180 billion tax cut for the rich.

I bet Mitch “bin Laden” McConnell already has a list for the next money drop. And, it wouldn’t surprise me if Obama didn’t already have the list.

Either Obama cut a bad deal now OR created another hostage crisis. Actually, Obama cut a bad now AND created created another hostage crisis. In other words, Obama is just stupid now or FUCKING stupid now. WOW! Harvard Law School isn’t what it use to be, there is something to that Affirmative Action argument, or Barack Obama is a weak President. I know, dumb question.

Reportedly, “bag-man” or “muscle” Jamie Damon gave Obama a visit earlier this week. Why? One possible answer is the blackmailer always calls to remind the victim that he has a gun to the hostages’ head.

This sorry bad B movie sequel is why governments NEVER negotiate with terrorist, even elected domestic terrorist.

But there is another option, we know Obama has no “core values”. Well, we know temporary extensions of the Bush tax cut don’t violate Obama’s “core values”. Obama said in 2008, the Bush tax cuts “offend his conscience”[VIDEO]. Hilarious! Anyway, what’s a conscience to a first term president?

The Iraqi War continuation didn’t offend Obama’s conscience.

The Afghanistan war lasting into 2014 and beyond doesn’t offend Obama’s conscience.

GITMO doesn’t offend Obama’s conscience.

DADT doesn’t offend Obama’s conscience.

The heath care insurance mandate didn’t offend Obama’s conscience.

Caving on prescription drug re-importation didn’t offend Obama’s conscience.

Caving on the Public Option didn’t offend Obama’s conscience.

Is it time to ask? What FUCKING conscience?

Maybe just maybe, Obama is setting up another hostage crisis so he can delivery more tax cuts to his Wall Street “Pimps”. Once we’ve determined Obama can be coerced and blackmailed, or will do anything for re-election, political prostitution is a just a tiny unimpeachable ethical annoyance.

Bin Quick

Bin Quick

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