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Who’s Ralph Nader?

Tonight one of the participants at MyFDL opened a post with these words: “I don’t know much about Ralph Nader except that he took 3% of the vote in 2000…” I realized a while later that many people younger than I am may be unfamiliar with Mr. Nader’s accomplishments.

I recommended that our friend watch the DVD “An Unreasonable Man”, and I am writing this post to extend the recommendation to everyone (knowing full well that many in this lefty crowd have already seen the DVD).

“An Unreasonable Man” is a very well balanced biographical review of Ralph Nader’s work. If you are truly interested in the progressive ideas discussed here at MyFDL, you must understand Nader’s contributions beginning in the 1960s and the motivation of his third party activity. In addition, you will never click your seat belt again without thanking him.

The story of Mr. Nader’s struggles against corporate interests and the political “duopoly” is compelling and inspiring. Show it to your friends and they will truly understand progressive political goals. They may even vote with us.

Better yet, give the DVD to everyone on your holiday gift-receiving list. I assure you that they will thank you.

P.S.: I have no financial interest, direct or indirect, in this DVD, but I have enormous respect and admiration for Ralph Nader’s accomplishments.

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