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Watercooler – Republicans Block Medical Care For Ground Zero Rescue Workers

These folks deserve better. (photo: Viewmaker via Flickr)

It’s always interesting to see how partisan pundits try to defend the indefensible actions of the politicians they support. Here’s Jonathan Chait of The New Republic spinning the Republicans’ blockage of Ground Zero medical care:

It’s as if Democrats sat around dreaming up an issue that would make the Republicans look as bad as possible:

“What if Republicans supported a bill to seize puppies from poor children and turn them into pate to be served at a yacht reception for tobacco lobbyists?”

“No, too maudlin. What if we tried to introduce a foreign policy element — like, Republicans enacted a tax break for the bin Laden family…”

I could see a conversation like that leading to the Republican Ground Zero health care position. I can’t see it as the result of any conversation that had any political operatives or non-sociopaths in the room.

Pretty pathetic, no matter how you slice it. What’s on your mind tonight?

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Jim Moss

Jim Moss