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How to Cancel Your Amazon Account

The punchline at the end is the charmer.  


You are now connected to PRATEEK from   

Me:In protest over WikiLeaks, I want my account cancelled.5:48:49 PM   

PRATEEK :Hello, my name is Prateek. I’ll be happy to help you.5:48:56 PM   

Me:Why did Amazon kick WikiLeaks off their server?5:49:20 PM   

Me:WikiLeaks committed no crime.5:49:51 PM   

PRATEEK :I’m sorry5:49:57 PM   

Me:Your company is a disgrace and is becoming the laughingstock of the world.5:50:23 PM   

PRATEEK :I’m sorry about it.5:50:43 PM   

Me:Why are you selling books if you hate the First Amendment?5:51:09 PM   

Me:Please cancel my account immediately.5:51:59 PM   

PRATEEK :We’re trying to remove it from our website as soon as possible.5:52:08 PM   

Me:I am encouraging people all over the world to cancel their Amazon accounts via the web. It is starting to go viral.5:52:39 PM   

PRATEEK :I can send you an email you need to revert back on that email & our team will close your account.5:52:42 PM   

Me:Tell your management that the whole world will be requesting cancelations of accounts. Your company is a disgrace to humanity.5:53:37 PM   

PRATEEK :I’m so sorry about it.5:54:44 PM   

PRATEEK :Is there anything else I can do for you today?5:55:49 PM   

Me:I want everyone at Amazon to know the world hopes you go out of business. Soon.5:57:16 PM   

PRATEEK :I’ll surely take it as a feedback & pass to my seniors.5:57:47 PM   

Me:Please do. This converstion is being copied and is about to go viral all over the internet.5:58:16 PM   

PRATEEK :I’m so sorry about it.5:58:51 PM   

Me:Don’t be sorry for me. Be sorry for Amazon because they will soon be going under.5:59:23 PM   

PRATEEK :Is there anything else I can do for you today?5:59:31 PM   

Me:No. Thank you for your help.5:59:51 PM   

PRATEEK :Thanks for visiting We hope to see you again soon!   

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