I’m just one of the millions of military veterans that served our country, I made no great sacrifice or performed any heroic act of unusual courage or bravery. My service was mostly during peace time, although it covered the first Gulf War. I remember listening to the start of the Gulf War on a cheap radio with a group of soldiers standing around a burning log trying to keep warm at Fort Benning, Ga. At the time I was in Primary Leadership Development Course, PLDC, with a bunch of infantry rangers. They were complaining that they weren’t in Iraq, and I thought those guys were just a little too brave, but those are the same young men dying everyday in Afghanistan and Iraq. Every Sunday, I watch ‘This Week’. At the end of the show, ABC runs a list of those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. SGT A, 24, New York, Lt B, 27 Ohio, PVT C, 20, Georgia, PFC D, 23, Oregon, CPT E, 29, Maine… I don’t know those soldiers or Marines, but I automatically see the same faces I served with, the same faces standing around that burning log at Fort Benning, GA. The face of my hometown friend still serving and all the soldiers with whom I served. So if I criticize another veteran, it’s with great care and consideration, and never a young soldier doing his or her combat duty. From my point of view, they get a pass until proven otherwise.

During the run-up to the Iraq War, Retired Gen. Colin Powell, then politician, Sec. of State Collin Powell was used like a lap dog by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. They used Powell’s enormous personal courage and credibility to hock a war. GWB took Sec. Powell’s military service, service that neither Bush or Cheney had the moral courage to breathe near, and used it to start a unnecessary war. Gen. Collin Powell has more morals, courage, and ethics on a pimple on his ass than Bush or Cheney ever dreamed of having, but in Sec. Powell’s latter days, in an attempt to remain relevant like so many aging heroes, he let lesser men use him. Sec. Powell knew all was not on the level as he searched the CIA to confirm Iraqi WMD’s. I’ll believe until my death that he knew better, but he compromised his honor for corrupt evil – Bush and Cheney. Sec. Powell played along, Gen. Powell, Col. Powell, Maj. Powell, and Lt. Powell would have fought those cowards and/or resigned before sending soldiers to die needlessly.

So, as VP Joe Biden slithers up to Capital Hill to hock Barack Obama’s compromised corrupt sleazy Bush tax cuts deal with domestic terrorist Mitch “bin Laden” McConnell, I see Collin Powell standing at the United Nations presenting lies that would eventually kill the soldiers that he would have sacrificed his life for on the battlefield. Sen. Joe Biden would have fought this corrupt compromise, but VP Biden, in an attempt to remain relevant and loyal to a lesser coward, is compromising his morals, courage, and ethics. I urge VP Biden to save his soul, save his honor, and save his legacy. VP Biden doesn’t have to be remembered as the aging irrelevant politician that sold the Bush tax cuts to Democrats just to allow Barack Obama to move to the political center. Everything Joe Biden fought for his entire career, he is handing over to the sleazy Chicago “Crack dealer to Wall St. criminals” while the middle class falls further and further behind. Joe, “show me your budget and I’ll show you your priorities.” CBS News headline, “Obama’s Tax Cuts raises taxes on the poor.” Sen. Biden would have lost his fucking mind if George W. Bush had tried to pass tax cuts for rich and tax increases for poor. Sen. Biden would be on every cable network screaming at the top of his lungs decrying this budget busting, sleazy obvious political compromise that betrays Democratic Party principles.

We all know at Obama’s core there is a black box with “Compromise” written on masking tape in pencil. Under the new masking tape, there is old masking tape with “Hope and Change” written in erasable magic-marker. At Biden’s core, Democrat was stamped in stone. After this sleazy deal, there is just pebbles left. Pebbles of a once great Democrat that have been shatter by age, ambition, and fear of irrelevancy. Resign Joe, and save yourself and the Democratic Party from Barack Obama.

Bin Quick

Bin Quick