Today's vote was infuriating, so it's an appropriate day to post a parody I wrote in response to DADT. The following link will take you to  a YOUTUBE video of the Syracuse Gay and Lesbian Chorus performing it on 12/3/10.

Please share it if you like, and if you want to use it, just let me know what you will be doing wih it. The tune is 'Gee i wish I was Back in th Army” from the movie White Christmas. I hope you enjoy….


The full set of lyrics is “below the fold”


With Don't Ask Don't Tell They told us, “Go to Hell”

We'd never wear the uniform no more

But soon they're going to figure we still can pull a trigger

Which makes us much too dangerous to ignore!


They should take us back into the Army

They never should have kicked us out the door

We're brave and determined and virtually certain

to bring some hurtin' to the culture war

 It's much safer to keep us enlisted under orders we can't disobey

Or we might have some fun

with an RPG or gun!

We'll set our sights on equal rights and watch the bigots run

That's why they'll take us back into the Army


They'll be sorry we trained in the Army, the Navy, the Air Force or Marines

Professional soldiers with chips on our shoulders

We're good at blowing shit to smithereens!!

 We will never retreat or surrender

We're not cut out for dull civilian life

We didnt come to brag but every dyke or fag

Who ever served has got the nerve to go to war in drag!

That's why they're scared of us back in the Army


Think of what we could do to the bullies

if kids could bring us soldiers to their schools!

We would befriend 'em and also defend 'em

We'd teach the brats that meanness isn't cool!


The Right will suddenly come to their senses

and realize the damage we could do

It's time to light a fuse

Annihilate Fox News !

And all who disrespect us with their ignorant taboos

That's why we're not going back in the Army

Lyrics by Otter Berry Dec.2010.
May be used with permission