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Chris Matthews – A “Liberal” In Service Of The Status Quo

KindGSL posted this clip in a comment thread, and I thought it was worthy of posting on the main page:

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The clip is full of the typical efforts to discredit and marginalize progressives, with terms like “crazies” and assertions that Obama “comes from the progressive wing of the Democratic Party” – which is a sneaky ploy to make a significant portion of the left seem like a fringe element.

Perhaps most telling of Matthews’ insiduous methods is when Joan Walsh finally starts making sense (at about the 5:00 mark) and asserts that Obama is not progressive, that both parties have shifted significantly to the right, and that both parties operate in service to Wall Street. It’s stunning how quickly Matthews shuts down that line of conversation and shifts to a different topic.

In addition, we get to see Howard Fineman make unnecessary references to Fox News, warning us that a challenge to Obama will be seized upon and supported by the Republicans. These guys could try to be a little less transparent in their defense of the two-party corporatist establishment. These not-so-veiled attempts to marginalize and discredit will only get stronger as the progressive movement continues to build.

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Jim Moss

Jim Moss