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PayPal Alternatives for Wikileaks Supporters

Okay, so you’d like to boycott PayPal, MasterCard, et al, for their craven bullshit treatment of Wikileaks, but: a) you want to donate to Wikileaks b) you’d like an alternate way to pay for other things online so you can avoid giving dough to PayPal, MasterCard, et al.

Let’s handle the first question: You’ve still got options. Pirate Bay’s co-founder has made his site Flattr available to Wikileaks supporters for quite some time now. And of course there’s itself.

As for the second question: Here are a few PayPal alternatives for e-commerce. Just a caution: Not all of them are good substitutes. For instance, Moneybookers and Amazon have joined PayPal and MasterCard in screwing Wikileaks, and some of the others may not be to your liking. But check them out, and let me know if there are good alternates to add to this list.

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