MasterCard Knocked Down by DDoS. Lieberman, Palin Next?

Duh. Not to be all Cassandra on the gates of Troy, but MasterCard srsly, whut were you thinking?  The internets are srs bsns.

I just tested and got the dreaded spinning ball. Yesterday  Business Week reported:

MasterCard didn’t receive a request from the U.S. government or any third party before acting, according to spokesman Chris Monteiro. “This decision was MasterCard’s alone,” he said.

VISAEurope the largest credit card company in the EU also blocked payments to Wikileaks (which can still accept wire transfers and money orders).

MarsterCard announced via CNBC tweets on Breaking News that

Apparent hack of MasterCard site has ‘no impact on cardholder’s ability to use their card’ for secure transactions, company says

Meanwhile the office of Joe Lieberman has also been a focus of DDoS; his site was down for about twelve minutes. Palin, who said Assange should be hunted like a terrorist, got some frottage on her Sarahpac.

Turncoat Senator Lieberman, chairman of the US Senate’s committee on homeland security, announced last week that he had contacted Amazon about its hosting of the WikiLeaks website, which was halted 24 hours later. Leiberman is also upset at the New York Times.

How soon  before Joe L starts demanding the internet gets shut down?

Detail: Bronzino, Allegory of the Triumph of Venus

And then there’s this from Guardian UK

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