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Early Morning Swim: Economist Simon Johnson Says Tax Cut Deal Irresponsible on Rachel Maddow

It appears the Democrats in Congress are tired of playing along with Obama’s view of “bipartisan.”

The anger was rawer in the House, where Democrats met on Tuesday evening to discuss the proposal. “I don’t think the president should count on Democratic votes to get this deal passed,” said Representative Anthony Weiner, Democrat of New York.

Emerging from the meeting, the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, who has refused to commit her support, said only that “there’s unease” in the caucus.

But in the unlikely event that Democrats vote down the package, the incoming Republican majority would presumably approve it in January — perhaps after extracting further concessions from the White House.

Mr. McConnell described the accord as “essentially final” and predicted that the vast majority of Republicans would vote for it.

Aren’t both sides supposed to be unhappy in a compromise deal?

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