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A Leveraged Sell-Out

The first time the GOP sold out their core values I became an independant. The second time they sold out independants as well as conservatives and I became a libertarian.  And now they are selling out libertarians and Obama is going along for the ride.

Two short years ago we had a near-apocalyptic failure of a Republican Administration and a clear refutation of the core “conservative” dogma of the past 30 years.

Two short years later we have a Democratic President negotiating with a Republican party advocating even more extreme variations of those same “conservative” policies as if the political pendulum never stopped swinging in their direction.

Yes, Republicans in the Senate with a minority that represents a third of the electorate has leveraged the small-state/rural bias with procedural hackery into a virtual veto of all legislation and appointments . And yes, broadcast media has a default conservative framing of all issues that pundits and politicos routinely mistake for public opinion.

But Democrats hold political and demographic advantages on almost all issues with a majority of working productive Americans – if they choose to use it. That is what is so maddening, the pendulum has not stopped swinging in the Democrat’s direction. Their failure in the midterms is a result of not going to bat for their own constituents and Obama just doubled-down on that failure. He is negotiating with a wealthy minority as if they were the majority.

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