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UPDATE: Voting Deadline Extended!

It’s been a big news day. Elizabeth Edwards’ passing; the detention of Julian Assange; President Obama’s capitulation on tax cuts for the rich.

So we’re extending until Thursday morning your opportunity to vote for names and platform topics in the growing effort to Primary Barack Obama and create an alliance of the American Left.

Consider Your Vote Thoroughly
The below list of names for our effort is straightforward, but the topic list is arranged a little differently. Some folks are writing-in topics, and while write-ins are certainly permitted, you should know that there is little chance they will register in the final tabulations; that’s why we had a nominating process which resulted in the list below. So if there is something you feel strongly about, I’d suggest choosing something from the topic list below that’s close to ensure your overall concern is registered.

Topics are grouped (as much as was possible) by category. Speaking purely for myself, the topic names leading off each category are the kind of succinct phrases I think we are looking for, for now. Policy specifics will be discussed and debated as we work on the text for each plank. That being said, if you feel any of the other phrases are better – or even if you want five phrases from the same category – that’s your call. The main reason I’ve grouped things as I did is that, as I tried to arrange this list, it seemed the easiest way to consider the many topics nominated while also capturing the general sense of the beliefs that commenters expressed in each category. That’s gotta make the next step, writing each plank’s text, a little easier.

We Need Your Help
We are at a crucial point. In addition to your votes, we need volunteers to continue building the organization around which these voices can coalesce, unify, and become established in every state. The Left is often criticized as being a “circular shooting squad.” We must change that. If you can give just an hour per week – that’s right – per WEEK – you can help put that organization in place.

Please write to me directly at admin_at_themalcontent_dot_com if you can help. And please recommend this post and vote, as directed below, before 6 p.m. Pacific today!

Thanks again, everyone, for your passion and participation.

How To Vote
Begin by copying/pasting the following in the comment box:


From the two lists below, enter your three preferred names and your five preferred platform topics. VOTE ONLY ONCE, and please VOTE ONLY; do not include comments. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated, and please recommend this thread to keep it prominent through the new deadline of Thursday at 4 a.m. (PST)

250K And Unders
American Citizens Party
American Peoples Party
Commonwealth Party
Federal Dollar Liberation Movement
Labor Party
Law and Order Party
Main Street Alliance
Main Street Party
Make-Work Protectionist Party
Most Of Us Party
New American Labor Party
New Deal Party
New Progressive Alliance
Party Alliance
Progressive Patriotic Alliance
Real Democratic Party
Red-Green Party
Rent Is Too Damn High Party
Rule of Law Party
Sticky Greens
Sustainable Democracy Party
Teapot Party
Workers Party
Working Families Alliance

Full Employment
Full Employment Guarantee
Living Wage
Lower Retirement Age

End the Wars Now
No Pre-Emptive Wars
Strong Defense

Civil Rights/Human Rights/Civil Liberties
Medicare for All
Citizen Empowerment
Electoral Reform
Equal Access to Education
Democratize All Institutions
Justice and Accountability
Labor Rights
Legalize Marijuana
Political Equality
Prosperity for All
Rule of Law

Environmental Stewardship
Bee Habitat
Energy Farming

A Real Social Safety Net
Economic Equality
Economic Sustainability

Federal Policy
Balanced Budget
End the Federal Debt
Bottom-Up Democracy
Campaign Finance Reform
Cut the Cost of Health Care in Half
End Torture
Presidential Powers
Progressive Taxation
Prosecute U.S. War Criminals
Sociable Urban Planning

Control Bankers’ and Financiers’ Greed
Corporate Regulation
Fair Trade
Financial Regulation
Hemp Reform
Exclude Corporations Who Export Jobs from the American Market
Regulation of Constitutional Rights of Corporations

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Anthony Noel

Anthony Noel