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Selling America On The Auction Block


When I take to the Internet, I tend to ascribe to the persona for being a tad grumpy and ornery, and thusly, I prefer to tease, agitate, and provoke as part and parcel to my public discourse and civic engagement. Otherwise, there is not much fun to be had in politics in today’s toxic environment and despite the value found in hyperbole and exaggeration as a salient commodity.

 Consequently, my view on all things political falls into the realm of my moniker for being a “Native American/Chicano/Military Veteran”.  And with this in mind, in two generations or of an approximate forty years, the Native American/Chicano Construct will “own” the Republican Party and which is in keeping within the existing pattern for “demographics are destiny”.  Of course, being eventually deported as is the wont of America’s arch-conservatives and under the rubric of “enemy combatant” may stymie this existing trend, given that prior to 1937, the Native American and Chicano populations were depleted by an existing or an approximate fifty percent.  And perhaps, there is a downside to this trend as well, or can be expected in the intervening years and prior to this ‘actualized’ ownership of the Republican Party?

With this underlying premise, and with the anticipated National Debt that will range within $28 to $32 Trillion, and which will have to be addressed intelligently in future years, the only avenue for achieving this semblance of solvency, will be to sell selected portions of America to China or perhaps, to international corporate entities?  And with this as my underlying premise, permit me to continue my public discourse and civic engagement, and all accomplished with a tad of tongue-in-cheek humor.

Therefore, I am proposing that the following states be put up on the international auction block, so that the American people can begin the decision-making process at the ballot box, when it comes to addressing our collective future for a national financial solvency, and done in a manner where no surprises can become the political fodder between the arch-conservatives in both the Republican or Democratic Parties, and where “hiding in plain sight” has become an artful diversion for purely entertainment reasons, and in keeping with the Sunday Morning Talking Head Circuit or Gambit  And which requires that I expand my tolerance parameters and level for the nifty political nonsense being espoused by this nimble likeminded. 

So, the first step is in recognizing and agreeing that our politicians have failed us in their behavior for an “improved America for the better and for the benefit of the next generation or two.”  Secondly, it’s important to recognize that the Native American/Chicano Construct will be receiving and therefore, will have to provide the technical leadership for a financially destitute nation that entered and refuses to leave, and equally important, propagated both the Era of Gross Incompetence (Bush) and the Era of Squandered Opportunities (Obama) and which, when taken together, destroyed the Middle Class with the Middle Class enabling this financial destitution at their intentional peril while thinking that more can be accomplished with less.  And of course, everyone becomes a millionaire and perhaps, even winning the lottery to boot.

And even worse, America’s “ideology” as such that it even exists today, was once premised on 1) liberty, 2) egalitarianism, 3) individualism, 4) populism, and 5) laissez-faire.  Today, the “chinches of the Chupacabra” are slowly bleeding dry the presumed American Carcass, even when walking upright, and thusly, the Native American/Chicano Construct will be receiving this presumed cadaver, financially broke and morally constipated for old times sake.

And because I am both ornery and somewhat of an overweening Optimist, this American “exceptionalism” will be carried forward and done in a manner where political polity is supremely important, therefore, the boundaries of the Native American Societies will remain intact and unsold.  To wit, exempt from the auction block.  Thus, the First Caveat for a new America.

And as such, here is the available list for the auction block and for you to peruse and surmise as to the geographical locations and to the assorted price tags.

  1. North Carolina for $2.5 trillion.


  1. South Carolina for $2.5 trillion. 


  1. Georgia for $2.4 trillion.


  1. Alabama for $2.4 trillion.


  1. Florida for $4.5 trillion.


The Pending Sale List or the perceived Follow-On List, if necessary, will include the following:

  1. Mississippi.
  2. Oklahoma.
  3. Kansas.
  4. Missouri
  5. Illinois.
  6. And to be followed by Iowa and Indiana, as well as Ohio and Michigan, and when and where necessary.


Now, what say you–the allegiant arch-conservatives wearing my Democratic Cloth?

C’mon, bring forth your sense of humor and have some fun, knowing that the Democrats are addicted to extending the Bush’s tax cuts.  Needless to say but I will, the Native American/Chicano Construct has categorized President Obama, and despite his constant and consistent rhetorical flourishes otherwise, for being an arch-conservative while wearing the Democrat Cloth. But then, Obama is far from alone for his “hiding in plain sight”.

Note:  Today’s Democrats have stained the legacies of FDR, Truman, Johnson and Carter when it comes to addressing the “unmet needs” of both white Women and Racial and Ethnics for having to carry the burden for being unemployed.  And which, from the standpoint of the Native American/Chicano Construct, is of paramount importance in understanding that the Democrats, including Obama and Biden, as not being “liberal” or sufficiently “liberal” relative to tomorrow’s American history, yet to be written by me.

As such, Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez of New York and the current Chair of the Small Business Committee in the House, did yeoman’s work in producing eight pieces of legislation and which sailed effortlessly through Congress, and yet, failed to introduce an Historical Equivalent for a Comprehensive Employment Training Act, ala 1970s and 1980s that would “empower the individual” when it came to a federal government crafting a “temporary” government employment systemic during these difficult economic times.  Perhaps, the “failed” progressives in House deserve some blame, as well?  Yet, a few of these progressives were not invited to the “negotiations” as history will eventually show us.  And finally, and said sadly on my part, this political “slight” directed to the progressive community continues apace at the White House.  And yet, will there a “cost” for this egregious behavior?  When the Native American/Chicano Construct determines that a Jobs Bill did not occur, and leading to America’s “racial and ethnic” communities for distancing themselves away from both Obama and Biden in 2011 and 2012, perhaps, a new Democratic president will be installed in January of 2013 in which “Promises Made are Promises Kept” are done as an Act of Conscience?


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