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Message to Obama: “No, you can’t!”

Last night I sent the link to Keith Olberman’s Special Comment around to friends and family.   I got the following response from my daughter, a 25-year old who, 2 years ago,  was such a fervent Obama supporter, she called sobbing with joy on election night.

My brilliant idea? Create a viral video campaign from Dems to Obama saying, “no, you can’t.”

Get all the people from his “yes, we can” videos to say:

No, you can’t reneg on your campaign promises.
No, you can’t cave to republican threats and still seem like a strong leader.
No, you can’t get by on charm alone.
No, you can’t alienate your base and get away with it.
No, you can’t get reelected without us.
If this is where the droves of young folks who came out for him in 2008 are, he’s toast.
Now how do we get this to happen?
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