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It’s A Not-So-Wonderful Foreclosure – Let’s Change That

Note: Hey Firedogs, I’m Josh Bolotsky of Living Liberally (best known for Drinking Liberally), with a quick message about our partnership with Firedoglake to bring attention to the foreclosure crisis.

It’s A Wonderful Life is a classic movie, one of the few films that people watch as an annual tradition, and for good reason: it is a wonderful fable, one that forces us to take the macroscopic view at our lives at a moment where minutiae and distraction seem to dominate the world around us. (It’s become hard to watch CNN without the feeling you’re being stuffed full of as many disjointed, shiny celebrity factoids as the screen will allow.)

Of course, there’s also an undeniably progressive message in the film, one that speaks directly to the increasingly blatant plutocratic politics that dominate our culture.  The good guy, Jimmy Stewart’s George Bailey, is the community savings and loans director who helps people build and stay in their homes.  The bad guy: the big, bad banker who would rather foreclose on people, bankrupt them and destroy a community.

That’s why Living Liberally (best known as the organizational home of Drinking Liberally, a national network of lefty social gatherings) is encouraging people to host screenings of It’s A Wonderful Life and take action against foreclosures.  Or, have fun, share holiday cheer – and get the banks to leave your neighbor’s house alone.

Interested in having the neighbors over for holiday spirit – and maybe saving their house in the process? Click here to signup to host a screening of It’s a Wonderful Life!

It's A Wonderful Life.

After each screening, attendees will write to their local sheriffs and local newspapers, asking for a moratorium on foreclosures.  You see, many banks are ruthlessly foreclosing in spite of fraudulent documents and illegitimate process.  But it’s the local sheriff who needs to execute the foreclosure.

We’ll ask them, in the holiday spirit, not to foreclose until there’s absolutely no option left – and we’ll create the political space to clean up this mess, keep families in their homes and keep communities intact. It’s what George Bailey would want.

Let us know if you want to host a screening.

This isn’t limited to Drinking Liberally hosts or members – anyone can get a screening set up.

And if we can save families from facing the cold streets this holiday season, then all the better.

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Josh Bolotsky

Josh Bolotsky