Whether it’s deficit mania, wiki, Korea trade deal, unemployment benefits, tax cuts, etc. and more etc. everything is tied to this statement:
“Foreign policy analysts and diplomats alike are warning the U.S. to get its fiscal house in order or risk losing more influence on the world stage.”

It’s ALL about trying to maintain the empire the U.S. built up over the last century AND those who have made money from that not wanting to have anything change that would hinder their ‘superiority’.

“Clinton often reminds audiences that America was stronger abroad when its fiscal house was in order — including when her husband was president.

“It is very troubling to me that we are losing the ability, not only to chart our own destiny, but to have the leverage that comes from this enormously effective economic engine that has powered American values and interests over so many years,” she said in September alongside the president of the Council on Foreign Relations, Richard Haass.”

But she just can’t see how her husband set the situation all up with his actions.

Here’s one scenario for ‘end of empire’.

I could go on and list/complain about all the insanity that passes for governance but to what point? Everyone who reads the mother site and various links, including myfdl, knows the crap that is going on.

And while there are strategies that would be helpful- massive street taking, withdrawing a deposits from the banksters, transition communities, etc., until and unless the ‘exceptionalism’ that rules the U.S. psyche is destroyed and the mass public feels as part of the entire earth population, the descent will be painful and unnecessarily so.

So the next time someone starts with the ‘god’ talk, point out to them that the real deity worshiped by those who supposedly govern is mammon and ask them to prove otherwise.




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