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Where is the President Obama I Voted for?

The AFL-CIO has a video with unemployed Americans telling, well actually, pleading with President Obama and Congress to extend unemployment benefits. As I watched the video, I felt so terribly sad. How did we get here? Why has it come to this? I’m old enough to have seen two serious recessions. I remember the gas lines in the Carter years. Yes, I got rich during the Reagan years but I couldn’t stand him. Nor the Bushes. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven when a young articluate African American rose to the Presidency. Now, as I compare my elation with the horror of how he has governed, I am simply despairing. Where do we go from here?

I think it’s important to look for the clues we may have missed the first time in evaluating this man we now have in the White House. What did I miss? Now, I think I know. It’s been dawning on me that Barack Obama is mentally disturbed. He appears to be a classic narcissist. The Weekly Standard and LA Times have started calling him, “The American Narcissus”.  And you know what? They’re right. Obama is  drowning in hubris. One characteristic of all clinical narcissists is that they lack empathy. Just don’t get it. That sympathy thing escapes them.

And that’s what’s going on. He lacks the very capacity we need right now in a President, the capacity to feel our pain. And do something about it.

So, the next time I pull the lever, it will certainly not be for Barack Obama. It won’t be for that dimwit Sarah Palin either. God help us if those are our only two choices.

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