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Food Sunday: Hot Brown

Hot Brown at the Brown Hotel (photo: Gavin St. Ours via Flickr)

I probably should have provided this recipe a couple of weeks ago as it is a good use for leftover turkey but at least it will be available to folks going forward through Christmas and on into next year.

I’m deviating from my normal Food Sunday posts and bringing in something I have never eaten in my life. Why have I never eaten this? Well, I don’t like cheese and cheese is a major component in a Hot Brown. But most Kentuckians and Kentucky related cookbooks have some variation of the Hot Brown as part of their cooking repertoire so I’m just going to link to a number of Hot Brown recipes and you can look through them all and find the one that most fits your taste or level of effort.

The basic ingredients are turkey or chicken, cheese, sliced tomatoes, bacon, flour, butter, milk, whipped cream, and bread.  . . .

This first one is from and is the recipe that my sister posted to her Facebook page last week. In addition to the basic recipe she linked she did suggest the following as well:

the recipe left out the sliced tomatoes, which you can char briefly in a skillet and put on top of the turkey, or some folks put it on top of the sauce and brown it under the broiler! And if you’re lucky enough to have some country ham, some of us like to add that to the mix!

This is from the Brown Hotel itself so I guess it qualifies as the official Hot Brown recipe.

This one is from Bobby Flay at the Food Network.

AllRecipes has this version.

This is from Saveur dot com.

And finally this is from Country Living.

As you can see, most of these have a lot of common ingredients and processes so as always, it is a matter of each person experimenting to find what works best for you. If you’re up for further experimenting you can google “Hot Brown” and get page after page of recipes.

And because I can:

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