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Evolution and Free Markets

A libertarian friend of mine recently asked me how I can reconcile my belief in evolution and be so skeptical in free markets. As with most libertarians he has a consistent ideology that benefits from the fact that it’s never been truly tested. Ideological purity is easy to maintain when you have no authority. I took his point to heart, but I made this counter-point:

It is much harder to understand how “conservatives” can believe in free markets and NOT in evolution

Quite simply the question is — How can you think that markets are far too difficult to control, but the only explanation for life on Earth is an “intelligently designed” process. While I take my friend’s point to heart, at least I can make this point — No one has ever suggested that evolution is efficient. The most fervent believer in evolution will not suggest that it’s the best way to get from point A to point B.

As a progressive I contend that while free markets have their place, they are rather brutal and inefficient. While I concede modern lawmakers haven’t done a very good job of it, I like to believe that with proper approaches they might be able to. Just because our current government is bad, doesn’t suggest that there’s no such thing as a good one. I understand the appeal of free markets, I just feel there’s room for improvement.

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Ashlee Lucca

Ashlee Lucca