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There’s no need for a piece of sculpture in a home that has a cat. ~Wesley Bates


Friday before last I decided to switch from a mix of grilled and classic (1 can grilled and 1/2 can pate) Fancy Feast to all classic. One more experiment that’s a bust. If I feed Toes the mixed food he eats the pate and licks up all the liquid and leaves the meaty pieces in the bowl so he’s gotten the pate for quite a while but is almost as finicky as Morris. Remember Morris from Friskies? Toes prefers the classic Turkey and Giblets. Ptah eats about half of the pate, Kismet eats almost all of it and Tama-chan will eat all of anything. Rather than throw the food away I’ve been putting the leftovers in 2 bowls and putting them in the carport. Max, George and Sweetie Pie (my name, she’s a sweet almost-tortie) from next door now wait for their treat each morning and evening. George is a gorgeous almost yellow tiger, feather boa tail and all. I was really surprised that he let me pet him the first time he showed up. I had only seen him occasionally and thought he was one of the strays. Max and Sweetie Pie I’ve known a long time. With the switch back there won’t be as many leftovers but enough to keep spoiling the other tigers.


I found a package of mouse cat toys behind some books the other day. Threw 1 onto the floor and it wasn’t long before Nagi, Mojo, Gabby, Bapu and Shiimsa were all over that thing, especially Shiimsa. They looked like kittens again. When I went to PetsMart Friday I looked for more of them but the closest thing they had, smaller but made the same way, had been recalled and they’d forgotten to pull them off the shelves. They’re like cord glued and wrapped around a hollow plastic shell. On the package I had at PetsMart it said to discard if it came apart or pieces came off of it. I had stepped on one, which is how I know how they were made, and the tigers had somehow broken open the last one I had. Damn. They don’t much care for any of the other stuff I have. I thought I’d found a great toy.

It’s getting colder here and I always worry about where the outdoor kittehs are spending their nights. Even Max from next door refuses to stay inside. Last night there was an orange kitteh that appeared on the dining room window sill. Settled down and went to sleep. I’m thinkin’ s/he was avoiding the cold breeze that whistles around the place. Feurae surprised me by getting on the inside sill and they sat there and looked at each other. No slapping of the window, none of that stuff. Eventually both of them settled down into the meat loaf position. S/he stayed there quite a while before leaving.

Tao is always nameless.
Small as it is in its primal simplicity,
It is inferior to nothing in the world.
If only a ruler could cling to it,
Everything will render homage to him.
Heaven and Earth will be harmonized
And send down sweet dew.
Peace and order will reign among the people
Without any command from above.

When once the Primal Simplicity diversified,
Different names appeared.
Are there not enough names now?

Is this not the time to stop?
To know when to stop is to preserve ourselves from danger.
The Tao is to the world what a great river or an ocean is to the streams and brooks.

Tao Te Ching, 32, Lao Lzu

I haven’t seen any cute links this week. Anybody got one?

Share your tiger stories with us.

My cat speaks sign language with her tail. ~Robert A. Stern

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