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US Chamber Watch: NAFTA-Style Korea Free Trade Supporters Are “Outsourcers All”

Closed Factory (Don Farrall/Getty Images)

A Glimpse Into the Future of NAFTA-Style Korea Free Trade (Don Farrall/Getty Images)

US Chamber Watch, an advocacy group originally launched by the Change to Win labor federation, issued a statement blasting the supporters of the NAFTA-style Korea Free Trade agreement as “outsourcers all.” From a statement released by US Chamber Watch spokeswoman Christy Setzer:

“It’s crystal clear why the US Chamber is supporting a deal effectively shipping over 150,000 American jobs overseas: As the nation’s chief cheerleader for outsourcing, the Chamber gets to go to bat for its top corporate members (the CEOs of JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Boeing and GE, Chamber members and outsourcers all, immediately issued statements in support of the agreement) and gets a jump-start on one of its key goals for 2011: tax breaks for outsourcers. Chamber President Tom Donohue has said that the Chamber ‘will do everything in [their] power to round up the votes’ for the Korea trade agreement. We only wish they were nearly so enthusiastic about protecting the jobs we have at home.”

More coverage of the NAFTA-style Korea Free Trade agreement by Firedoglake.

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