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We’ve had unusual weather for November… rainy and warm, sunny and in the 40s, overall, much warmer than we had any reason to expect. Ordinarily it would be much colder by now. However, it is a truism in this area… that as November goes, so goes the winter. Perhaps that means we will have a milder winter than last year when we broke records for snowfall. I recall at one point last winter, we had had 70 or more inches of snow. Quite a bit for the mid-Atlantic coastal area. And we don’t even have many lakes!

I know I would not mind having to use the shovel a bit less. For one thing, we live on a corner, which prepares you for having to shovel three sides, but we have a fourth side, too, a small path where the trash collectors walk in to empty our trash cans. Then there is a common driveway in the back, which no one else seems to care about shoveling. Of course, they all know that Paul bought a new snow blower a few years ago when he had some extra cash.

We were extremely grateful for the snow blower last year. Generally, I don’t use anything that requires gas & oil, except sometimes a car for a few errands… mostly, though, I use public transit. And I definitely don’t use the snow blower. It requires understanding how a choke works, and I’m really better off not handling equipment with combustion engines, if I can avoid it.

Further, Mars and Uranus are conjunct my Sun in the 5th house, where all of that risky stuff occurs: creativity, love affairs, children, gambling, etc., etc. Mars, after all, is a bit fiery, and Uranus often leads to unexpected results. It just makes sense for me to avoid any kind of combustible risks when I have those two planets conjunct my Sun. . No… no snow blowers for me. I’m perfectly happy using a shovel to clear those areas where Paul cannot take the snow blower.

I know that some of you live in warmer climes than this one, but I suspect some of you now live, or have lived, in colder, more wintry regions. Do you have any crazy snow stories to share with us? Shall we celebrate the Winter Solstice later on this month, too? I’m taking that day off from work, so I’ll be home that morning.

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