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It’s Time for Responsible Democrats to Emerge

The very interesting diary about the nascent Third Party called “No Labels” got me to thinking about labels and successful political framing in general. Generally, people are always attempting to place and label others on some kind of ideological yardstick which has a defined right, left and center. If someone gave you a yardstick and told you to put a dot on it at the place that defines your own position, the vast majority of us would place our own dot at about the 18 inch mark. We all see ourselves as sensible moderates that have little or nothing in common with the far fringes and we find safe ways to describe ourselves to others. Nothing is safer than to describe oneself or ones belief as  “centrist” or a “moderate” since it inherently means that you are a reasonable person who rejects the extremism of both fringes/edges.  BUT, it has been shown time and time again that when actual issues are polled, the general population is far more “liberal” than the pols who represent us in general, who “negotiate” and pass an agenda that actually lies to the right of most.

With this in mind, I am wondering if we should not seize on this reality and do a much better job of selling a product that people have already proven they want. It is time for Responsible Democrats to emerge as the dominant power in the Democratic Party, or failing that to move along and create a schism party of Responsible Democrats.

Wouldn’t anyone be happy to call themselves RESPONSIBLE? Would that be a word you would check off in describing yourself and your views?  Could it be that the  “right” thing is in fact also the responsible thing?

Is it not RESPONSIBLE to provide quality, affordable healthcare for all  on a par with the costs borne by the rest of the world? Is it not RESPONSIBLE to make sure that every single American labors at a real Living Wage that ensures they are able to support themselves? Is it not RESPONSIBLE to protect American jobs and the American lifestyle by repealing   NAFTA and CAFTA? Is it not RESPONSIBLE to ensure that the elderly and the disabled are able to lead lives of dignity?  Is it not RESPONSIBLE to ensure that every vote is counted and verified with a paper trail? (Even RR said “trust but verify”) Is it not RESPONSIBLE to ensure that our elections cannot be bought by the highest bidder, even potentially a foreign government or multinational conglomerate? Is it not RESPONSIBLE to ensure that our financial institutions are firmly regulated and overseen to protect not just American consumers but the entire international economic and financial system? Is it not RESPONSIBLE to ensure that no private entity or company can impede, censor or restrict any Americans access to internet Free Speech? Is it not RESPONSIBLE to have sound environmental policies that accelerate our independence from oil and encourage American innovation and industry? Is it not RESPONSIBLE to balance budgets, but not on the backs of the poorest and most in need? Is it not RESPONSIBLE to end endless, unaffordable wars? Is it not RESPONSIBLE to enforce the Rule of Law, regardless of the wealth or position of any person or entity that violates it?

I am not attempting to place style over substance – I just think Liberals/Progressives in general have done a piss poor job of positioning and marketing themselves when they clearly have the superior product on merits.  If some power group is about to emerge that has decided that “moderation” and “centrism” are going to be their hallmarks, we need to start thinking NOW about how to effectively engage and win the coming battle for the hearts and minds of America.

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