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Art Saturday: Fallingwater

Fallingwater, designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright

Probably the best known U.S. architect, Frank Lloyd Wright designed many remarkable structures.   I love the Dallas Theatre Centre, particularly, and had the pleasure of being shown it by a member of the art community there.   One aspect I enjoyed was that Wright designed the stairs so that you have to walk somewhat sideways down them.   The reason was that he liked to see women’s legs coming down a staircase, I was informed.

The house above, Fallingwater, fits into a wonderful landscape in such wonderful ways, it has always been a favorite as well.   It is described in its own site;

…Fallingwater is a happy flowering of Frank Lloyd Wright’s genius, a great work of art. Yet underneath the effects of great art – however masterly and ingenious – there lies a consistency of the whole. To understand this quality one must consider those principles that guided the artist. In Wright’s statements his principles are denoted by words embodying deep intuitions: organic, democratic, plasticity, continuity. During careful study of his texts and his architecture, I have come to believe that these terms present different aspects of one central insight. To Wright, architecture was a great inclusive agency through which humankind adapted the environment to human needs and, reciprocally, attuned human life to its cosmos; amid continual changes architecture could keep human life more natural and nature more humane. This idea pervades Fallingwater in accord with the aims of both architect and client, and gives it not only basic meaning but also powerful subliminal appeal.

One of my objects in my travels, eventually, is to visit the museum in Chicago featuring Wright’s works, and his former home there.  Hopefully, you can get to see some of his remarkable buildings, too.

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Ruth Calvo

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