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Well, this is my first blog/rant on this site. Basically I’m just gonna go over what I see and what needs changed, in my view:

First, lets begin with the health care reform. Great, the poor bastards like myself will finally get health care. But at what cost and is it worth it? I work at a gas station for minimum wage and work about 15-17 hours a week ( I have a herniated disk and other back problems so my hours were dropped down from 35 hours a week). So now with the woooooonderful bill that passed by 2012 (assuming the world makes it, John Cusack wouldn’t make stuff up), I will have to take the shitty insurance offered, basically worse than supplemental with the cost of full coverage, or put money into a company that turned Gilbert Godfriet (I know I spelled it wrong, get off my ass) into a duck. See just because you have to get insurance doesn’t mean that your employer has to provide you with good insurance. So either way, insurance with no pay check, no insurance and fines, I’m getting it up the ass (assuming the proctologist takes my shitty insurance).

Next on the rant, unemployment. I live in a little town called Muncie in Indiana. From a rumor I had heard from my old boss at dairy queen (this will come into play later) that Muncie had one of the highest counts of fast food chains per cappa in the United States. Wow, Garfield and fast food (Jim Davis is from here too, so ya, Garfield). Great for a high school kid who’s just looking to pay for the weekend with his buds or the big date coming up, but what about the grown adults who have to survive on this income? In places like this there are fast food places, Walmart, and that’s pretty much it. The industrial area of town has pretty much vanish. Had a whole part of town that was almost nothing but factories that people worked 40+ hours a week with excellent insurance, retirement benefits, and peace of mind to know that these places will always be there for people who need a job to provide for a family. Now, not so much. Vacant lots and half torn down buildings are all that’s left. So people are now left to fight for jobs to feed and take care of their families just to be told go clean the toilet by someone who’s young enough to have been your mistake after the prom. Also, being this is a campus town, you are fight for jobs with people who are college students (nothing wrong with working though school, I respect that quite a bit, but I work at a gas station on campus, I KNOW how most of them are spending their money, and their purchases always end with a tall skinny brown paper bag). So, you are currently competing in this town with:

1. People half your age

2. People who are pretty much temporary labor due to summer and winter breaks, who they’ll never have to pay overtime or benefits.

3. Everyone else.

Good luck job hunters of Muncie, Indiana. You’re gonna need it.

Next up on the rant, assistance. Now before I go into it, yes I am a receiver of food assistance, so this is not a slam on people who receive it. This is a complaint about how it is run. The system for financial/food/medical assistance is so backwards, you can basically get anywhere from $200-$500 a month in financial, up to around $300ish in food, and FREE HEALTH CARE. All you have to do is sit on your ass and you get it. Now, if you are looking for assistance in the way its called, assistance, than you can get some food assistance, no financial assistance if you’re working, and maybe free health care depending on your circumstances. Herein lies the problem. Sit on your ass and do nothing and you’ll get all the help you want, but if you’re busting your ass to try and make ends meet and aren’t quite there, then here’s a finger, sit and spin.

This country has been going to shit here (not an Obama blamer, he just came in at a bad time and was put in a position where he himself as a mouthpiece cannot fulfill all the promises he made as he may have wanted to). I don’t know what to do. I’m not the greatest debater or follower of the current political trends, all I know is what I see in front of me now, and man is it fucked. If there’s someone out there who can actually fix all this (Jello would be a good start) then awesome, but right now its about as real as 3d porn.. wait, what?…oh… um….dammit, now I have to come up with a new reference. Screw it, you get the point.

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