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Ah, Bobo where would we be without you and your half-witted moralizing?  Today, Bobo, after watching Barney sing and dance and the Count count to Three penned another silly bit of ether-wasting prose (at least fewer trees were killed in his attempt at Villagerism).

See, Bobo doesn’t like Julian Assange very much because Julian has been putting out information that might cause someone, somewhere, (but not at the NY Times) to commit actual Journalamism. Despite the fact that Irony died on the day of the pronouncement of Bush v Gore, it’s ultimately ironical that in the pages of the New York Times we read Bobo discussing the leaking of secret government documents which hold the potential for embarrassing the US Government like it’s a bad thing.

Far from respecting authority, Assange seems to be an old-fashioned anarchist who believes that all ruling institutions are corrupt and public pronouncements are lies.

For someone with his mind-set, the decision to expose secrets is easy. If the hidden world is suspect, then everything should be revealed…

Our Man Dave goes on to make several unintentional funnies about the way that the “real” Journalistas at the Times would behave when confronted with actual factual information:

For him, it’s easy. But for everyone else, it’s hard. My colleagues on the news side of this newspaper do not share Assange’s mentality. As the various statements from the editors have made abundantly clear, they face a much thornier set of issues.

As journalists, they have a professional obligation to share information that might help people make informed decisions. That means asking questions like: How does the U.S. government lobby allies? What is the real nature of our relationship with Pakistani intelligence? At the same time, as humans and citizens, my colleagues know they have a moral obligation not to endanger lives or national security.

Yes, because as everyone knows the Top-Notch Pulitzer Winning reporting went on prior to the Invasion of Mess-O-Potamia in the very self-same newsroom of the New York Times.  No, really it did, just ask Judy Miller.  I know for a fact that the reporters at the times ask the hard questions like: “What time is the buffet on Air Force One?” and “Does the Prime Minister of Pakistan like silk or cotton boxers better?”

You know, important Villager stuff like that.

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