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On Obama’s Behalf, Gibbs Stabs the Middle-Class in the Back

Well, this is a nifty how-dee-do:

“The President continues to believe that extending middle class tax cuts is the most important thing we can do for our economy right now and he applauds the House for passing a permanent extension. But, because Republicans have made it clear that they won’t pass a middle class extension without also extending tax cuts for the wealthy, the President has asked Director Lew and Secretary Geithner to work with Congress to find a way forward. Those discussions started just yesterday and are continuing this afternoon. The talks are ongoing and productive, but any reports that we are near a deal in the tax cuts negotiations are inaccurate and premature.”

What is the sound of one hand applauding?

We’re on to you, Democrats — we know you have a majority in the Senate, we know this bill has already passed the Senate, and we know this simply needs to be worked out in conference. Stop capitulating! Stop pretending you care what happens to the middle class! Admit you are acting on behalf of your banker patrons who want to pay lower taxes until infinity.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge