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Obama’s Future

Well, with the tax cut cave seemingly in place, with only the details to be worked out, perhaps it is time to look beyond Obama. It pains me to write this, but I think progressives need to be realistic.  If Obama was unwilling to stand with us on this issue, when the politics and the economics were on his side, there is little hope he will pull through on any issue of substance.  I think the republicans own him at this point.   The good news is that liberalism is larger than Obama.  We just need to make it so.  With that in mind, I’d like to suggest:

1.  That progressives pressure senate democrats to vote down an Obama tax cave.  Failing that, progressive senators need to filibuster the measure, sending a message to Obama and republicans both.

2.  We need to find a primary challenger to Obama sooner rather than later.  This move to deny Obama renomination needs to begin early in 2011 for it to succeed.

Sorry to be writing all this, but I’ve had it.  I suspect you have too.

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