We in Maine are just so damned proud of our new governor-elect, who squeaked in was swept into office with a 38% mandate from the people!

(Thanks, Eliot… don’t let the airport door on your return flight to DC or China hit ya in the backside!)

Anyways. This is what we got for awhile- a dancing bear and buffoon for a governor. So imagine how the local media is talking up LePage’s meeting with President Obama today!

Portland Press Herald’s headline:

LePage to say hello to Obama at meeting

The governor-elect regrets his ‘go to hell’ remark from the campaign, but says his position hasn’t changed.

Bangor Daily News ran an AP story rather than their own:

After harsh words, Gov.-elect LePage looking forward to meeting Obama

One does wonder, however, if the LePages will be asking President Obama if they can borrow the Lincoln Bedroom for some x-rated celebration time!


During an appearance on “Road to the Blaine House with Mal Leary,” LePage was asked where he and his wife will go to celebrate if he wins Tuesday.

LePage paused, smiled and then said: “It’s X-rated!”

Both men laughed, and Leary said, “Well, let’s talk about the part that’s not X-rated.”

LePage said his election night party will be in Waterville.

“We’ll celebrate in Waterville with our supporters and our friends,” he said.

GAH. And the man STILL managed to win!

And media-shy LePage has been very, very careful as to who does get to talk with him and who does not. What a surprise, eh? Not a single out-of-state media outlet has been allowed anywhere NEAR LePage.

This administration is gonna be just GOLD for pundits… Much more to follow.




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