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Healthcare and being transgender/transsexual

Whee, now that I am out of the hospital, I feel less confined.  Stupid cat bites, they are all in on it!  But that is not what I am here to ramble about.  I just spent 5 days in a Catholic hospital.  Where, might I add, they respected me as a person, except for my specialist, who refers to me as a young lady but when I am not there as a “confused gentleman”, you'd think doctors would be more circumspect when speaking on the phone.  But that is not point here.

Here's the kicker:  I get more respect at the Catholic hospital than I do at the “liberal” university hospital.  The university hospital has a policy that says I must be in a room with another male, who literally blew a gasket when I was about to be put in there; not because I was transgender, but because he saw me as a woman.  Ended up stuck in a private room, but their respect for people?  none…  Meanwhile, when I went to the local Catholic hospital, I was treated as a human.  I even got a chance to discuss religion with a Mennonite nurse and learned more about her religion than I have from reading books.  Don't get me wrong, she asked questions too, and I gladly answered them as best I could; I hope we both learned from it. 

I also got the chance to speak with someone from the pastoral care staff who was actually caring and s=dare I say it, more liberal in his beliefs.  It gives me hope that otyhers can change, too.  Has anyone else had bitter/better treatment at religious hospitals?

On a side note, I must say I will never go to a certain world class hospital in Minnesota again.  The doctor saw I was transgender and immediately ordered an HIV test.  Granted, I do take the test every year due to receiving blood products related to  my immune system, but I have had this since I was born, and his arrogant assumption that I was HIV positive just proved his homophobia.  Then his “you have to detransition or you will die and go to Hell” shtick really stuck in my craw.  I basically told him it was transition or die and I was not going to die.

Anyways, thanks for letting me vent

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