Esther, Sasha, Aaron and Sarah, students from the Gay-Straight Alliance at the A. J. Heschel School

in New York joined together Wednesday to introduce the first Hannukah candle with some beautiful words meaningful to us all.  Ok, I didn’t understand the Hebrew words, but the English ones made me proud to know of these, our LGBTQ & Ally youth.

We dedicate this first night of Hannukah to knowing one’s identity and standing strongly against external forces.  As we light the first candle we dedicate this light to each person in our community who needs support to be steadfast, to stay grounded in inner space and common courage.

Our tradition teaches us that each good act gives forth another.  One spark makes others and a string of candles awats us at the end of this week.

We hope you’ll join us this Hannukah in spreading the light of hope and strength to everyone in our community.

Happy Hannukah!

Laurel Ramseyer

Laurel Ramseyer


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