Closing The Closet Door Behind Him

Lindsey Graham is very worried about the gays getting into the military and just gaying up the whole damn place. No. Seriously.:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) suggested that repealing DADT is more disruptive to the U.S. military than going to war and, like other Republicans, suggested that servicemembers should have had more input into whether the policy is changed. “Don’t get me wrong,” said Graham. “We’re not asking for you to turn the war into a referendum — would you like to go to Afghanistan and fight? That’s never going to be asked of the service. You do what you’re told. But this is a change — a pretty significant change.”

Graham could have held himself up as an example of how well DADT works, but then that would have been kind of self-defeating, wouldn’t it?

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