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It’s probably because I spent most of the last few days at the Dentist, but I have missed the latest incident in which Barack Obama displayed what his spine is made of. Not that I’m bitter(er).

So you’ll have to forgive me for being a bit behind the times.

Having been deservedly named our nation’s greatest HACK! how negligent of me to fail to timely check up on Richard Cohen’s first column as a sort of vicarious victory lap. How long to find a statement to demonstrate he is, truly, the Alpha Hack in the Hack Sandwich drenched in Hack batter, and then deep fried in the Hack Sauce that is the Washington Post?

Not long.

When, for instance, Bush attempts to justify the Iraq war by saying the world is a better place without Saddam Hussein, Assange could reach into his bag of leaked U.S. government cables and cite Saudi King Abdullah’s private observation that the war had given Iraq to Iran as a “gift on a golden platter.”

Who could have ever so quickly and nimbly defended such a thing years after the fact?

Like I need to ask.

The only redeeming element of this wretched war is its moral component — the desire of some people to do good by ridding the world of a thug and his regime — and that story, once so simple, has been obfuscated by delays and antics.

Although I suppose it would be sort of funny to see Bush shown to lie by somebody with the documentary cables in hand…and Cohen knows funny.

…until that is someone accuses Assange of being non-credible despite his facts because of an unrelated and unsubstantiated rape allegation. That sort of thing is valid ONLY if you are an artist and the victim was too young and drugged to consent.

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