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The 42 Member Senate GOP Holds Its Breath and Stomps Their 84 Feet- While MY Rep LEADS.

HuffPo has the letter here

Reason Number- what? Seven Billion and Twelve?– as to why I love my “Congress Critter”, Maine’s First Congressional District Representative Chellie Pingree.

First off. I can’t photoshop all 42 of these yutzes acting like spoiled widdle children with puffy blue faces, so this will have to do:

WASHINGTON – Extortion apparently is the name of the game for Republicans in the Senate.

Today, all 42 GOP senators signed a letter to Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., stating that they will blockage all legislation in the lame-duck session this month if they don’t get their way on government spending and on extending the Bush tax cuts.

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and GOP whip Jon Kyle threatened to block any attempts to vote on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” which is attached to the national defense bill.

Harry Reid quickly and decisively fired back, with all the heat, emotion and force we’ve come to expect from him:

Reid sharply rebuked the Republican maneuver.

“With this letter, they have simply put in writing the political strategy that the Republicans pursued this entire Congress — namely obstruct, delay, obstruct, delay action on critical matters and then blame the Democrats for not addressing the needs of the American people,” the Nevada Democrat said on the Senate floor.

YAWN. So we can pretty much see that this is gonna be a clusterf*ck- until someone gets the gumption to just DO this, already!

Enter Chellie Pingree, who had something to say today about this partisan mess- and priorities:

Mr. Speaker, in the remaining days of this Congress we have some choices to make- and those choices couldn’t be more clear.

Are we going to extend tax cuts for the rich, giving millionaires an average tax break of over $100,000?

Or are we going to continue unemployment benefits of about $245 a week for out of work Americans?

Are we going to approve a giveaway to high paid CEOs that the Congressional Budget Office puts at the bottom of their list of what will stimulate the economy?

Or are we going to extend the unemployment benefits that the CBO puts at the top of that same list?

Are we going to hand out tax breaks to the wealthy that will add $700 billion to the deficit?

Or are we going to keep funding unemployment checks that generate  $2 in economic activity for every $1 in benefits paid.

The American people sent us here to set priorities and make tough choices.  Putting American workers ahead of millionaires and billionaires should be our priority and shouldn’t be a tough choice to make.

Damn, but I do so love having Chellie represent me!

So what is she gonna be doing tomorrow? Check out this media advisory I got late today:

ADVISORY: Tomorrow (Thursday) Congresswoman Chellie Pingree to lead important debate on tax cuts for the middle class


Congresswoman Chellie Pingree will lead the debate in the House on a bill that would extend tax cuts for the middle class while ending tax breaks for those  making over $200,000 (or couples making over $250,000)


U.S. House of Representatives. CSPAN 1 (channel 16 on Time Warner in greater Portland)


Tomorrow (Thursday) Approximately 10:00 am. Congresswoman Pingree will open the debate with a 3-5 minute statement and will make additional comments during the debate that follows.


Tax cuts for the middle class and the wealthy will expire at the end of the month if Congress does not act. Congresswoman Pingree and other Democrats have argued that tax breaks for the wealthy should expire because they do little to encourage economic growth and will add $700 billion to the deficit, while extending the tax breaks for working families.   Republicans want to extend tax breaks for everyone, including the wealthiest taxpayers.

So here’s what I propose to the Blenders: Call your Congress critters, no matter whether they are in the Senate or the House. Either encourage those who are doing a good/great job and thank them- let them know YOU appreciate their fighting for YOU- or scold the living bejeezus outta the ones who are not only acting like petulant children, but hurting the hell out of our country.  

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