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Right Wing Bigots Freak out over DREAM Act

I can’t stand this crap below; it makes me sick to my stomach every time it shows up in my mail, all this bile and vitriol designed to amp up fear of “the other” while shilling for money to support their white nationalist and Christian fundamentalist initiatives.

But since some of you haven’t seen the crap flowing out there, regularly sent to social conservatives, it might be best to share it here. This is what you’re fighting against — the dark heart of racism which would deny students brought here as children the ability to become contributing Americans, claiming the parents of these children are trying to steal citizenship.

Never mind that the forefathers of the people who write and send this stuff stole the heritage of the people who lived on this continent; never mind that these people have benefited from continued theft of mineral rights from the people who were here first. Thievery by their kind is never to be questioned. And never mind that many of the target audience receive government handouts in the form farm subsidies which in turn upset the free market and destroyed the livelihood of farmers in neighboring Mexico. None of that enters this equation at all: these brown people must not be permitted to stay.

Patriotism my ass. In all the years I’ve received this kind of garbage I have yet to see a single email which called for prosecution of companies which hire illegal aliens, nor have I seen any calls for farm subsidies to be terminated. If these right wing freaks were really worried about illegal immigration, they’d do something about the root causes.

Sorry, I’m not fixing the images below — you get the gist of this.


Harry Reid is Trying to SNEAK IN a vote on AMNESTY for Illegals — Click Below to Tell Congress to REJECT the DREAM Act:

ALERT: Thanks to YOUR faxes, emails and phone calls on Monday — Nancy Pelosi had to POSTPONE her promised vote that day on the “DREAM Act” that would give AMNESTY to over TWO MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS

But now HARRY REID is reportedly about to file a motion so that the SENATE will take up the bill TODAY — and a coalition of amnesty-supporters is launching a “six-figure ad campaign” to get Congress to pass theirAMNESTY bill NOW, before the Republicans take over in January!

It’s just like we warned you: According to news reports, Democrats in Congress “are now pushing for this bill to pass before the year ends, believing it might be their only chance to get some kind of immigration reform” — in other words, since WE stopped them from passing FULL amnesty for illegal aliens, they want to get a “foot in the door” by giving amnesty to over TWO MILLION ILLEGALS before the Republicans take over in January!

You and I STOPPED them from passing amnesty for illegals before, and we will NOT let the supporters ofAMNESTY get away with this last-ditch attempt to violate the will of the PEOPLE — but we need YOUR help to KEEP THE PRESSURE UP from the grassroots, and to COUNTER their ad campaign with our NATIONWIDE ad campaign!TELL CONGRESS TO REJECT THIS NEW PUSH FOR


We all thought that we finally got rid of the Nancy Pelosi, Democrat-led Congress when we voted on November 2nd — but we were WRONG!

Pelosi has called the CURRENT Congress back for a “lame duck” session this week — and high on her agenda of bills to pass before the Republicans take over is the bill we’ve warned you about for a while now: implementing mass legalization of potentially MILLIONS of illegal aliens through the appropriately-namedDREAM Act.

No one thought that We, the People, could win when we fought against the forces pushing AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS two years ago.

But we DID win!

Now — even though they LOST by HUGE margins in the recent mid-term elections — the same left-wing crowd is pushing for amnesty AGAIN — which means we have to FIGHT HARD AGAIN!

We all know that the far Left has been pushing for years to get full amnesty for all 20 million illegal aliens in the U.S. But now they know their time is short — this is their LAST CHANCE to pass it before they lose their majority, and the Tea Party Republicans take over Congress.

So now their DOUBLING their efforts — not only do they still want to get “comprehensive immigration reform” (that is, AMNESTY) passed in Congress; they’re trying several NEW ways to “sneak through” amnesty — starting by having Harry Reid bringing up the so-called “DREAM Act” as a stand-alone bill. And Nancy Pelosi is saying she’ll do the SAME THING in the House — backed by President Obama himself!

YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT — the press is reporting that “A last-minute push for the DREAM Act comes as Republicans prepare to take control of the House and pick up seats in the Senate in the 112th Congress, which convenes in January… Both Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said they would seek a vote on the measure in their respective chambers over Republican opposition.”

So once again, these people will stop at NOTHING — even the fact that THEY LOST THE ELECTION — to get what they want. And this time, they wantAMNESTY for illegals, whether the American people want it or not!

And that means WE have to take action NOW!TELL CONGRESS TO REJECT THIS NEW PUSH FOR


Now, let’s be clear about this bill they want: they claim it’s just a bill forillegal immigrant students who could earn legal status… but in reality, IT IS AN AMNESTY BILL. The DREAM Act was first proposed in 2000, and has been re-introduced in successive Congresses, including as recently as 2009. Neither chamber has since acted on the pending legislation, largely due to overwhelming opposition by the American public. It is a broad amnesty measure disguised as an educational initiative that would allow millions of illegal aliens who meet a very loose definition of “student” to qualify for green cards. Additionally, it provides in-state tuition benefits for illegal aliensthat will DISPLACE legal residents competing for a fixed number of college admission slots and taxpayer subsidies.

Put simply: the DREAM Act allows children to keep what their parents STOLE for them!

Because of the STRONG opposition by American people, this bill already failed before in Congress. But that doesn’t matter to these liberals; they now want to pass it before they lose their majority in January!

DO YOU GET IT? Once again, they’re trying to IGNORE the wishes of the American people — AND the law itself — in order to give AMNESTY to millions of illegal aliens, which can open the door to granting MORE Amnesty to millions MORE illegals!

WE MUST STOP THEM NOW! And we’ve got the way to do that: FLOOD their offices with MILLIONS of messages opposing this bill; and at the same time, run NATIONWIDE ads to counter their SIX-FIGURE AD CAMPAIGN.

We are the ONLY ONES running a national ad campaign against the DREAM Act — but we need YOUR HELP to make sure it stays ON THE AIR!



Thankfully, when Harry Reid tried to ram the DREAM Act through earlier this year, by attaching it to a defense spending bill, the Republicans succeeded in killing it by filibustering it. But will the legislators who voted against it earlier because it wasn’t a stand-alone bill… STILL oppose it?

At least five Democrats who voted against the DREAM Act in the past — Conrad, Dorgan, McCaskill, Pryor and Landrieu —have said they are UNCERTAIN on how they would vote this time; and five Republicans — Lugar, Bennett, Brown, LeMieux and Collins — have said they WOULD vote for the act as a standalone bill.

THIS COULD BE VERY CLOSE. After all of our hard work getting these people OUT, they’re VERY CLOSE to implementing a very thinly-disguised Amnesty for illegals.

Of course, it’s just one more drop in the HUGE pro-illegal immigration bucket that the Obama regime and liberals in Congress have been filling for a long time. Besides this push, we’ve seen reports that Obama has privately told others that his regime is not going to secure the border until Republicans agree to go along with an amnesty for illegal aliens. In other words, enforcing the law is optional in the eyes of the President — just another bargaining chip for him to use in order to get what he wants!

We MUST NOT let them get away with this. That’s why we’re not only spearheading this BLAST FAX campaign against this push for AMNESTY; we’re also launching a NATIONWIDE TELEVISION AD CAMPAIGN pushing patriotic Americans in every State to contact ALL of their legislators NOW, and tell them that we refuse to just sit back and let this INVASION take place.

IT’S UP TO US! We’ve won this battle before, and we CAN win it again — if we take action NOW!TELL CONGRESS TO REJECT THIS NEW PUSH FOR


We CAN win this battle again — but it’s going to take ALL of us making our voices heard LOUD AND CLEAR in Congress, letting them know that the pro-Amnesty liberals CANNOT get away with this. That’s why we need to contact EVERY SINGLE SENATOR AND REPRESENTATIVE right away — or else we’ll LOSE this battle, before it even begins!

So, we’ve set up our website to enable you to send “Blast Faxes” to every single U.S. Congressman, ALL AT ONCE, demanding that they REJECT ANY type of Amnesty from ANY branch of government — and that they get to work protecting our borders instead!

For about what it would cost you in time and telephone charges, you can send Blast Faxes to Democrats, Republicans, Independents — EVERYONE in the U.S. House and Senate, DEMANDING that they say NO to amnesty for illegals!

AND you can help us counter the six-figure ad campaign that supporters of Amnesty are running — with our OWN ad campaign, running NOW across the whole nation!TELL CONGRESS TO REJECT THIS NEW PUSH FOR AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS: SEND YOUR FAXES NOW!

Please, take action right away to STOP pro-Amnesty forces from succeeding in their push for “comprehensive immigration reform” UNDER ANY NAME!


William Greene, President

P.S. is on the front lines of fighting against Amnesty for illegal immigrants! We’re runningtelevision ads across the nation getting Americans everywhere to contact Congress and DEMAND that they oppose the DREAM Act. We’re also working with the Tea Parties and other grassroots organizations in that fight — which means we have millions of Americans fighting with us on this issue! (See this recent interviewwith me in Georgia, where students favoring the DREAM Act tried to push it once again!)

We don’t need “comprehensive immigration reform” — we need comprehensive IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT! Send your faxes, and help us launch our nationwide ad campaign, right away to make sure Congress gets OUR message, and not the pro-amnesty message of the far Left — Thank you!TELL CONGRESS TO REJECT THIS NEW PUSH FOR


As always, you can also send a FREE message directly to your Representative by clicking here, and to your Senators by clicking here. Thank you.

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